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Oct 18, 2018 at 14:28 // PR
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Modern world is quick and constant communication between enterprises and customers, as well as immediate access to any important bit of information is no longer a luxury but a business-worthy necessity. But making the marketing team spend time on going through every more or less relevant website, network, group and channel will have the effect similar to one if you’d want to turn Sahara green with a garden hose - there’s a chance you’ll get some results if you can dedicate enough people and resources but the effect won’t last.

With the right tools, Telegram may become your one and only means for marketing your business. It allows to build loyal community of potential investors, since Telegram has turned from a simple and safe messenger into a full-fledged social platform suitable not only for chatting with friends but also for communicating with clients and promoting projects to potential customers and investors.  

But even this platform still faces the problem of fraud and trolls who waste the time of people who simply want to attract more attention to their projects on overcrowded market. 

That’s why every business has to pay very close attention to its marketing strategy, separating Telegram from other social media. 

That’s what TelegramPromo deals in.  

One of the first goals of any business is to reach as larger audience as possible. But there’s more to that for something as specific as crypto-related and ICO projects which require more than exposure - they require investors. And in order to reach all potential investors at once, we offer a service of sending private messages with links to your sources or description of your project. Using own self-developed software we collect names and usernames of the members of any crypto-related group and then message to them about you. The icing on the cake is that we are able to target the audience not only by standards, such as language or region, but also by whether they have any real potential of investing in your project, separating them from the crowd of bystanders. 

We could also use our software to invite those gathered users to your group. This particular service is aimed at expanding your prominence on the platform. Bringing potential investors to your community is the best way to instigate fruitful discussions which would lead to increased interest to investing into your project. 

But in order to spread the word about your project it would be a good idea to make people outside your group familiar with you. TelegramPromo has a database of over 3000 crypto-related groups. The team first studies all the available information about your project thoroughly and then, in the groups chosen specifically for your needs, our professionals share the links to your website and whitepaper and engage users into discussions, thus making them interested in investing into your project. 

When you have the group, you could benefit from another our service, which is commenting in your group. Conversations are the real booster for any Telegram group, and our team of professional editors and community managers keeps the discussion hot, involving other users into dialogues, sharing their opinions on your project, highlighting the best things about it, thus increasing the curiosity of potential investors. 

But it takes a lot of effort and time to keep your group active, and in such active community as Telegram one it’s vital to be on alert for every question from the users and every spam message that can ruin the reputation of your group. Thus, we offer the service 24/7 management of the group. Our community managers, after carefully studying your project, are ready to answer anything considering it or to deal with spammers and delete their messages. 

However, it’s still very important to not forget about other corners of the Internet.  We are also able to provide you with the service of 24/7 management on multiple platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook and BitcoinTalk in addition to Telegram. Thus you would be covered round about. 

Our strategies might seem a bit obvious, but as the old saying goes - there’s beauty in simplicity. 

If you’re interested in working with us, please visit or email us at   

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