Promising Prospects of Blockchain Real Estate Transactions Inspire Elite Professionals from Finance to Join Project

Jan 16, 2018 at 19:12 // PR
Finance professionals join i-house

2017 has been a year of great significance for the field of blockchain and digital assets. Together, we have witnessed soaring investment and asset values in this sector and the largest increase so far in the number of participants in the global blockchain. One byproduct of this development is that more and more elite professionals from traditional mainstream sectors are seeking breakthroughs in career and embracing the future by joining the blockchain industry.

As the main application area of the blockchain technology at this stage, the field of finance has witnessed the quiet unfolding of the shift for quite some time. As early as 2015, Blythe Masters, who was the global head of commodities at JPMorgan and dubbed "the mother of the credit default swap" and "queen of commodities" on Wall Street, joined the financial technology company Digital Asset Holdings as CEO.

As the latest proof of this trend of talent flow, recently announced that four expert professionals with extensive experience in the traditional financial services sector both in and outside China would join its project team as advisers. They come from such prestigious industry powerhouses as Morgan Stanley, Fosun Group, Deloitte and etc.

The project utilizes its specially developed smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology to split real estate. It taps into blockchain's intrinsic advantages such as distrust mechanism, anti-tamper, information transparency, co-supervision and traceability to split large assets through smart contracts into smaller shares and distribute them to financial institutions at home and abroad. By this measure, users are given the opportunity to make smaller investments and still capitalize on the real estate market while the security of investments is guaranteed and risks contained.

Among the four elite finance professionals joining the advisory board this time around is Tzu Wen Maryann Tseng, a Managing Director at CLSA Limited. Prior to joining CLSA, Ms.Tseng served in various important capacities, including as an Executive Director with Morgan Stanley and a Director at Deutsche Bank. She has extensive experience in equity markets.

Mr. Zhou Jiayuan served as the Operation Director of the Internet Finance Business unit under Fosun Group. He brings with him over 10 years of experience in the financial industry. Mr. Zhou had been put in charge of risk control, data analysis and strategic planning in such traditional financial institutions as China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center, Bank of East Asia and Hang Seng Bank. He was also responsible for market operations of the Internet finance units under and Fosun Group.

Ms. Ivy Hou is a senior manager in Deloitte’s Financial Engineering and Modeling practice. With a master's degree in financial engineering from the University of Hong Kong, she specializes in the development, implementation, validation, and review of valuation models of structured and complex financial instruments. Ivy Hou has provided advisory services for the largest pension funds, financial institutions and banks in Canada.

Roy Ma, Director of Business Development at Cleveland International Fund (CiF) in Beijing, has extensive industry experience and resources in real estate development,investment and financing. Prior to working with CiF, Mr. Ma led the international department of Mexgroup, a leading global forex broker.

The project seeks to integrate the global real estate market through the blockchain mechanism. By linking the blockchain mechanism with real estate, real estate developers are incorporated into the global "digital credit society" by connecting them with domestic and overseas financial institutions and users. In the future, more valuable assets will be blockchained. Assets worth more than 50 billion U.S. dollars are expected to be blockchained in 2020, covering 10 major regions of the world.

At a time when regulators worldwide are increasingly keeping a close eye on the field of blockchain and digital currency, the addition of the above-mentioned four elite professionals from the traditional financial sector, on the one hand, demonstrates the value and appeal of blockchain technology and the project; and on the other hand, their deep industry experience and international background will also provide useful guidance and assistance to in the areas of investment valuation and compliance. Their support will also greatly facilitate the plan to expand its asset presence to China, the US, Australia, Europe and other parts of the world in 2018-2019.

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