Patientory Reveal Healthcare Portal for Blockchain-based Medical Record System

May 31, 2017 at 16:16 // News
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Blockchain-based healthcare startup Patientory has released visualisations of its patient care interface to illustrate how it will work for individuals and healthcare professionals. The SaaS platform will provide a secure data point for both patients and caregivers where they can review health care plans, patient information and communicate with one another.

At the moment healthcare organisations store large amounts of sensitive patient data with no adequate standardised approach to cybersecurity. Incidents such as the recent malware attack on the NHS show the urgent need to address this situation. Patientory aims to tackle the problem head on with blockchain.

Patientory stores medical information on a secure, HIPAA-compliant blockchain platform. The mobile app then allows users to create an individual profile through which they can review their health information, connect with care providers or even chat to patients with similar conditions. The Patientory platform is fully compatible with existing EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems, and works like an API. Hospitals and health care providers can continue to use their same equipment and technology with only a minor change to their backend.

Patient Interface_Patientory.png

“There are often many organisations involved in patient care and that creates a communication problem when handling sensitive data” remarked Chrissa McFarlane, CEO and founder of Patientory, “blockchain technology allows us to apply the highest levels of security to medical records, whilst still enabling access to trusted third parties. This means that information like test results or appointment times can be made available immediately but securely across multiple collaborators to help patient management”.

The benefits to the medical profession include improved standards of care and lower costs. Just involving the patient in their care plan can have a positive impact and improve clinical outcomes. For example the app can provide medication reminders, appointment booking and tools to track personal health data like weight or blood sugars. The patient portal can even be referenced in an emergency or when travelling abroad when quick access to medical records is needed.

Healthcare Provider Interface_Patientory.png

The medical profession is ripe for disruption and Patientory is well positioned to scale. The award winning startup launched in 2016 in partnership with Kasier Permanente, one of the largest non-profit healthcare organisations in the U.S. Patientory went on to win top prize at SEMDA2017 in April and have been featured in Forbes and Huffpost. Patientory has a sizeable board of advisors including Storj founder Shawn Wilkinson, alongside many other strategic industry professionals. 

Patientory opens its crowdfund on the 31st of May where it will offer PTOY tokens, the native token of the Patientory platform. Early birds will receive 20% bonus tokens until 9th May. To find out more visit or take a look at the whitepaper:

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