The 8th Anniversary of, an Open Letter from Founder Han Lin:Give Value to Faith, Let More People See the Future

Apr 28, 2021 at 11:16 // News
Guest Author turns 8 years!

Hello everyone, today is the 8th anniversary of the founding of

Bitcoin has repeatedly exceeded 60,000 US dollars, the first encrypted asset exchange Coinbase has listed on the Nasdaq, and central banks in many countries are preparing to issue their own digital currencies, as a company that has been thriving in the crypto space for 8 years, is honoured to still be thriving.

Looking back on our journey, we have forged long standing relationships with partners and rivals who met in “battle". In 8 Years, we are left with a few respected opponents and many amazing friends. 8 years may not be a long time but, we have experienced many bull and bear markets time and time again. We cherish every single one of our partners in this industry very much.

With faith and consensus, the crypto revolution just like every major change in human civilization, will experience budding new technologies and the overall improvement of productivity, then the golden age that will reshape the global economic landscape with prosperity, and will finally be overtaken by superior technologies.

Great companies are often born at the turning point in the application of technology. We are fortunate to be standing at this major node in history. In 8 years, we have never been left behind. With user safety as our cornerstone and innovation in our genes, has become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform for more than 4 million users in over 130 countries around the world.

Safety first, meet the expectations

The original intent of is derived from a very simple idea: to provide a safe trading place for everyone who believes in Bitcoin. Today, encryption technology is breaking the current Internet hegemony and the digitization process is fully evolving in the real world. For the emerging encryption industry, security is always the first principle that we cannot challenge.

As one of the trading platforms with the longest history and one of the largest real transaction volumes in the world, is deeply aware of the importance of the security of blockchain assets, and always puts the security of user assets as the primary priority. Ensuring the safety of user assets through centralization and decentralization.

We use a combination of mathematical algorithms and financial audits to provide each user with a 100% margin certificate. Through GateChain’s account security, we actively explore decentralized blockchain asset security solutions in order to fundamentally solve the asset security issues in blockchain. is the only exchange platform in the world that has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to provide users with a "security and a legal fund" for asset security.

Based on the on-chain asset storage solution built by GateChain, will also combine important functions and facilities of the platform such as Hipo, DeFi, and Wallet S1 fingerprint hardware wallet to provide users with a safer, more complete and more convenient solution, and strive to implement the corporate operating principles of "safety first, user first" to the end, while building the most secure digital asset trading platform in the industry.

All-round platform with full firepower

Up to now, we have more than 600 online currencies and more than 1,300 trading pairs. This huge "currency library" is still growing. Among them, many potential currencies stand out. Most of the popular currencies in the DeFi boom last year were actually initially launched on From our perspective, the diversity of currencies is one of our major advantages. At present, this "fine tradition" has been well inherited .

In terms of products, the 24-hour maximum trading volume of spot and contract both exceeded 2 billion, which to some extent proves that our traditional trading categories are rapidly increasing in a stable and orderly manner. In addition to basic trading categories, quantitative trading and derivatives are our key development directions. As of early April this year, the spot grid trading volume reached 500 million US dollars; the derivatives market has huge potential, CBBC, Shark fins, and Dual Currency, etc. have greatly reduced the user's transaction threshold and contributed to a rapid increase in transaction volume.

Since 2021, the hotspots are no longer limited to DeFi and public chains, many innovative concepts and products are appearing one after another. New hotspots representing new directions in the industry, such as NFT, Polka, and ETH2.0 beacon chain, may start a round another wave of high demand transactions.

In this regard, game plan already has a gameplan. Gate Labs Incubation plans to invest 50 million US dollars to establish a "Seed Fund" to support the development of blockchain projects and is committed to promoting more high-quality projects to join the GateChain ecosystem. In terms of NFT’s, we will build the world's first centralized NFT trading platform, focusing on the creative research and development and asset management of NFT artworks in the field of blockchain digital currency, and explore the infinite possibilities of NFT together with global artists and NFT institutions. has been operating safely for eight years. High-quality projects have emerged one after another, and the product matrix has become better and better. The expectations of users have given us an unprecedented mission, one that we are highly passionate about. It is our responsibility to provide users with safe, fast, stable and reliable trading services, as an established trading platform that has been innovating for eight years, creating greater social value is also our long-term development goal.

Eight years of glory in the world

The globalization effect of digital currencies are irreversible and the pace has not slowed down. Over the past 8 years, the user base has been rapidly increasing. There are already over 4 million users who know us . Users are distributed in many countries and regions around the world. The annual search volume for our brand is almost 10 million searches.

The number of community groups at home and abroad are also growing rapidly. On this basis, in order to provide global users with an efficient and versatile encrypted digital asset trading platform, we have successively added new innovative social functions including chat rooms, live broadcasts, and market dynamics. While lowering the cost of communication, we have increased the interaction between users and our platform, making services and transactions more efficient for an International audience.

In terms of compliance, as early as April 2018, we were one of the 13 most influential crypto trading platforms in the world. Since then, in order to meet the expectations of users and to assume a more responsible role in the industry, has been actively developing in the direction of global compliance. entered global supervision in 2018. In many countries and regions, including the United States, Singapore, Malta, South Korea, and Malaysia, we set up offices and provide customized services in accordance with local laws and regulations. For example, obtaining an MSB license in the United States, providing local compliant non-securities token spot trading services, and not providing derivatives services to US users in accordance with the requirements of the Securities Commission. will continue to be committed to improved globalization and compliance, to attract more international users. The diversification of our user base and the widespread distribution of users will greatly enhance management capabilities and product innovation of the platform, which in turn will make our entire system more stable and healthier.

The ecological future is surging

The competition on the public chain has always been particularly fierce. Since 2018, we have explored the use of decentralized methods to solve asset security issues, and proposed a retractable transaction model and clearing model, as well as the concept of an insurance account, which formed part of GateChain’s Key innovations and laid a solid foundation for the ecological construction of the platform.

As a high-performance public chain, GateChain has a unique insurance account mechanism to innovatively solve the problem of user assets being stolen and damaged. The underlying architecture with a high throughput of up to 2000TPS lays a solid foundation for the DeFi ecosystem and can effectively solve the problem of excessive transfer fees in Ethereum.

At the end of June last year, GateChain’s Mainnet 1.0 was launched. After the mainnet went live, we continued to upgrade the mainnet protocol, development progressed rapidly, and we regularly publicized our development progress. At present, we have pre-released the EVM smart contract module to the GateChain main network, and are conducting intensive testing and basic contract deployment on the EVM module.

GateChain will work with ecological partners such as HipoSwap, Startup,,, and product matrix to build a complete ecosystem. On the basis of meeting the increasing transaction needs of users, GateChain actively promotes the creation of a healthy industry development environment to help the industry continue to develop.

We look forward to working with participants to continuously improve the GateChain public security chain through unremitting efforts and active innovation. Let users enjoy the security protection features brought by GateChain, and thoroughly solve the industry's security pain points through a decentralized method, and fully enable the traditional financial industry to enter the blockchain world.

With the eighth anniversary as a new starting point, in addition to maintaining our constant focus on safety, products, services, ecology, etc., we will speed up the repurchase of GT. As a direct manifestation of the total value of's ecological economy, GT's repurchase ratio increases or decreases every four years according to market and industry conditions. At present, GT has entered a state of net deflation. We will also use product innovation, public chain ecological construction, cooperation in the encryption field, and cross-industry alliances to allow GT value to be more fully demonstrated through market forces.

Today, officially ushered in our eighth anniversary. We will hold a splendid celebration to commemorate the glory, joys and sorrows of the past 8 years, with 4 million users worldwide.

Finally, we would also like to thank all our colleagues who participated in the pioneering of the encryption field, and thank all our partners who promoted the progress of the encryption field. We commemorate these people as they have been an essential part of our journey.. We also wish to bless the encryption industry, which has not only changed our destinies, but has become part of our dreams. We wish the entire industry a triumphant and glorious future. 

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