Ontology Partners with Ecosystem Co-Builders Tembusu Partners, Accomplice, Hashed and Onchain

Apr 14, 2018 at 14:00 // PR
Ontology partners with ecosystem co-builders

Public multi-chain project Ontology has announced a series of strategic partnerships with fellow ecosystem builders Tembusu Partners, Accomplice, Hashed, and Onchain.

Public multi-chain project and a distributed trust platform Ontology has just announced plans to co-build their ecosystem with a series of partnering companies. Fello ecosystem builder Tembusu Partners, Accomplice, Hashed, and Onchain will all join the fold to pursue a Co-Builder plan to help build, govern and serve the industry ecosystem together.

The group partnership will aim to explore application development, outreach, incubation, and build a new generation of public blockchain infrastructure and a distributed trust ecosystem. The purpose will be to support real business applications and scenarios.

Established in 2006, Tembusu Partners is a leading private equity firm with deep roots in Emerging Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, it has a deep understanding of the Asian market and regional economy. After joining the  Ontology co-builder program, Tembusu Partners and Ontology will jointly develop Southeast Asian market partners to provide government service support for the local markets.

Andy Lim, Chairman of Tembusu Partners had this to say about the new partnership:

“Tembusu Partners is delighted to cooperate with Ontology to develop the blockchain market in the South East Asian region. This blockchain technology will disrupt many industries and create significant growth just as the internet did twenty years ago.”

Partner and International co-builder, Accomplice, is a seed-led venture capital firm known for embracing risk. Headquartered in Boston and San Francisco, Accomplice has been part of the origin‍‍‍‍‍‍ story of many companies, including AngelList, CoinList, Carbon Black, DraftKings, Hopper, PillPack, Veracode, and Zoopla.

The company has pioneered a community approach through platforms like Spearhead, BOSS, Rev, and TUGG. Through the co-building program, Ontology and Accomplice will work together to strengthen technical advocacy, as well as build and expand the influence of Ontology in the United States and Israel.

Hashed is one of the most influential groups in blockchain in South Korea. The company builds communities, accelerates projects, and is a strategic partner of innovative blockchain projects around the globe. Hashed has also accelerated South Korea’s largest wallet provider, CoinManager. Moreover, Hashed operates a blockchain meetup called “Hashed Lounge” and a blockchain-related journal called the “Hashed Post”. As a member of the Ontology co-builder program, Hashed will help Ontology to strengthen its development and influence in South Korea and Northeast Asia, creating a local technical community, and holding and promoting events, forums, etc.

An important technology partner in the co-builder program,  Onchain is a technology company dedicated to the research, development, and operation of blockchain systems. With its accumulated blockchain technology and industry experience, the team has developed and operated several influential blockchain projects. Onchain has successfully cooperated with and provided blockchain solutions to several financial institutions, banks, and brokerage firms. At the same time, it also provides blockchain underlying technical services for public chain projects such as Ontology and Elastos. In the co-builder program, Ontology is the initiator and core technical supporter of the Ontology project.

About Ontology

Ontology is a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology provides new high-performance public blockchains that include a series of distributed ledger and smart contract systems. Ontology blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and is able to customize different public blockchains for different applications. Ontology supports collaboration amongst chain networks with its various protocol groups.

Ontology will constantly provide common modules on the underlying infrastructure for different kinds of distributed scenarios, such as those for the distributed digital identity framework, distributed data exchange protocol, and so on. Based on specific scenario requirements, Ontology will continue to develop new common modules.

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