One of the World’s Top 5 GPU Mines, Launches The Most Advanced Trading Ecosystem, AI Trader

May 29, 2018 at 18:14 // News
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The Autonomous Trading Platform currently generates on average 82% monthly returns on Cryptocurrency trading and over 100% profits while Leverage Trading.

One of the World’s Top 5 GPU based mining firms announces the launch of a breakthrough autonomous cryptocurrency trading platform, AI Trader.

Dubai, also deemed as the Silicon Valley for the Middle East, now houses one of the World’s Largest GPU based crypto mine with a 7 MW facility called Kingdom Mining. The mine has been fully operational since April 2017. “We developed an AI ecosystem with a team of expert traders from established financial firms such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank and specialists from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Prior to this as other miners do, we generally HODL most of our production. We have found AI to mitigate our mining income shortfalls when the prices dropped in February and March. Since then we have been improving the systems and its GUI to let our crypto community benefit from this creation.”

How It Works

The ground-breaking AI Ecosystem enables users to autonomously trade cryptocurrencies whereby they simply choose a pair to trade and click play. AI Trader uses Artificial Intelligence to review and make trading decisions based on real-time market information. It has also been programmed to recognise market conditions optimal for trading in order to realise gains.


Not only have the systems managed to significantly mitigate the HODL losses for the master accounts but it’s strategies are currently yielding 82% on average returns while trading crypto currencies and 120% while leverage trading. These results are posted on their website and updated in real-time. User can download and see these results based on every single transaction the AI made.

Key Features

AI Trader was developed based on two core principles, “keep it simple” & “make it transparent”. “We have intentionally kept our platform simple. Instead of offering several bots that present trading solutions on varied parameters we developed a holistic AI ecosystem that takes account of all best practices in the world of cryptocurrency trading.” You don’t find complicated graphs and charts on AI Trader, instead carefully developed strategies to trade specific currencies are presented in a game-changing GUI. Some of its key features include:

Dynamic Equity Management

The AI uses behavioural sciences to recover any losses it might have incurred whilst trading. It enters the trade back with a higher amount and attempts to recover the incurred loss. Just as a human trader would.

Trading Results

The latest trading results give you an overview of how the AI’s strategy performed in the last 30 days. It also gives you the value you would have generated if you would HODL instead. You can also download a full transaction history of any given strategy in a CSV format.

Multiple Exchanges Supported

Unlike other trading bots, AI Trader offers its complete system currently powered by both Binance and Bitmex trading backend to all registered users. In the future they will be adding Bittrex on to the platform and all current users will also be given access to the same at no additional costs. Any future exchanges and upgrades added are also free of charge for the registered users. AI Trader at no point has access to the user’s funds; once a trade is completed, the results reflect in the user’s exchange account. Unlike other platforms where users can trade only a selected few pairs. AI trader offers every single pair available on the supported exchange to traders.

Referral Program

The platform has also announced one of the most attractive referral programs in the market. Influencers receive 10% lifetime commission of the referred customer. The customer also receives a 10% life time discount.

Subscription Details

The platform offers three different pricing packages; starting from 150 USD. This enables the firm to make further improvements to the system. Currently, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Credit Card/PayPal payments are allowed.

Final Thoughts

AI Trader is undeniably a one of a kind platform, that's set to disrupt the way crypto trading is done today. It fundamentally shakes the current paradigm of trading, simplifying it to a degree users have not experienced before.

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