Announcing The Launch of Nexus Project – The Groundbreaking Blockchain-Based Payment System

Mar 07, 2022 at 18:00 // News
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Nexus was designed in response to the need to address the demands of the economy and society

Nexus Project has launched its decentralized, distributed blockchain system focused on contributing to economic development by increasing accessibility and encouraging consumption.

The blockchain-powered payment infrastructure aims to promote accessibility, encourage consumption, and retain in-bound commerce by establishing a digital, reliable payment infrastructure.

Over the years, there's been a lot of success stories about how the use of blockchain technology is helping to develop projects that are reshaping various industries, and the rate at which these innovations are occurring has become so rapid that there is now a huge social demand for digitization in many parts of economic sectors all over the world. Plus, there is a need to be able to exchange one local currency for another and this will require these unique blockchains to be compatible with each other. By being compatible, and with the ability to exchange currencies, users will be able to purchase goods and services conveniently and at a reasonable price anywhere in the world.

The Nexus Project was designed in response to the need to address the demands of the economy and society using recent breakthroughs in digital technology. Nexus, a FinTech company located in the UAE - Dubai, is using blockchain technology to disrupt how digital payments and incentive programs are being handled. Nexus is providing greater interconnectivity with other systems through the use of a connected payment system, thereby accelerating the development of digital payment.

Nexus incorporates smart contracts, asset collateral, and personal authentication mechanisms, to eliminate issues concerning company's trust. More so, the Nexus Project is utilizing the fullest potential of the blockchain technology to allow for the signing and settlement of large purchases like real estate, a level that has not been attained by conventional payment systems due to problems with identity verification and payment screening. 

The digital payment system uses fiat-pegged stablecoins, algorithmically stabilized by its native token NXD, to facilitate programmable payments and open financial system development. By staking coins issued by the Nexus Project, it is possible to purchase more coins at a discount.

In collaboration with numerous firms in UAE, Nexus has made the loyal point payment services readily available and can be used in many retail outlets, restaurants and other establishments, mainly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Nexus Project will centralize digital incentives and digital points in the Nexus merchant network and use it as an entry to the democratic and decentralized world of cryptocurrency. The project is set to reshape the digital incentive/digital point services as a web 3.0 solution that's independent of the issuing company by backing the value of digital points through a proprietary token.

Nexus Dubai (NXD) Token

Nexus Dubai, the token economy that powers the Nexus Project, will be issued as a multi-network that will support a variety of networks. It's initially deployed through Polygon, the largest and most efficient layer 2 solution on Ethereum that allows for fast processing power and decentralization based on "Proof of Stake," a next-gen consensus algorithm.

Polygon is designed to tackle Ethereum’s high transaction fees and difficulty by allowing transactions to be executed at a lower cost and faster rate than other chains. Polygon, a prospective Ethereum replacement, is also very compatible with ERC and may be used for different Ethereum-based applications. Moreover, the total supply of Nexus tokens will be set, and if other networks are added, a quantity of Nexus Tokens equivalent to the newly issued supply will be locked on the polygon network. 

Investors can buy, sell, and hold Nexus Dubai (NXD) Tokens for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies by signing up for a cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, MEXC Global, BitMart, and SushiSwap are the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Nexus Dubai stock (Polygon). 

Investors can receive interest on USDT when staking on NexFi. By staking NXD for 90 days, the interest will be calculated in line with the price of NXD and holders can receive an annual interest rate of 6%~12%. Plus, with the Staking Of Service, one can buy NXD at 25% off the market if they deposit NXD.

Token Allocation

Launch of the token sale for major investors with the entry threshold of $100,000. The bonus for early investors can reach 25%.

Public Share – 20%

Company – 15%

Incentives – 10%

Partner Programs – 20%

Staking of Service – 25%

Farming – 7%

Staking – 3%

About Nexus Project

Nexus Project is a decentralized, distributed blockchain system providing businesses and developers with a low cost merchants, users-friendly platform. It deploys unique digital rewards/points services to allow merchants to implement a reward system for loyal customers, ensuring customer retention.

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