Morpheus Labs Raises 6,200 ETH in Private Sale and Announces New Partnerships

Mar 01, 2018 at 10:00 // PR
Morpheus Labs announces new partnerships

Singapore Blockchain-based platform Morpheus Labs has recently completed their private sale, raising an outstanding 6,500 ETH, getting ready to launch their main Token Generation Event on the 9th of March. Incentivizing early supporters with attractive bonuses.

Morpheus Labs, a Singapore-based Blockchain-Platform-As-a-Service (BPaaS) for enterprises, has officially announced a successful raise of 6,200 ETH in their private sale that lasted just two-weeks and ended on February 24th. The sale concluded a highly-anticipated soft launch that brought in over $30 million in written commitments from supporters globally on a limited invitation basis.

Following the private sale,  Morpheus launched its public token generation event (TGE) that is broken into three stages. The first stage is now live and includes a 35% bonus through March 9th. The second stage offers a 20% bonus from March 9th through March 23rd. The final stage will not include a bonus and will run through April 15th. The project is incentivizing early supporters with attractive bonuses.

Morpheus Co-Founder Chuang Pei-Han explains,

“We are very excited and thankful for our community and early supporters. The private sale was a true testament of our product, team, and strategic vision to bring value to the blockchain industry by making blockchain more accessible for enterprises globally.”

Morpheus is targeting a hard cap of $25 million in its token sale and minting a total of 1 billion MITx tokens, 250 million of which will be offered in the token sale. Contributions can be made using Ethereum, at a rate of 1 ETH for 8,000 MITx tokens.

Morpheus Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with Momentum Works

On February 26th, Morpheus Labs signed an MOU with Momentum Works to spearhead a join collaboration on ICO projects in Asia. Momentum Works is a Singapore-headquartered venture builder with projects covering Southeast Asia, India, Middle East & Latin America.

Momentum Works also consults for stakeholders who want to adapt tech business models in key promising markets. Backed by influential tech veterans, the venture builder has the advantage of a strategic view of the technological ecosystems in China and other parts of Asia.

The collaboration between the two parties promises to yield synergies with the combined competencies of deep technological expertise and industry access. It will also allow  Morpheus Labs the access to revenue generating companies and some of the best talent in the region.

Combined, the partnership marks an important strategic alliance within the blockchain ecosystem.

About Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform as a service with an additional blockchain app marketplace that enables organizations of any size, to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. The company is founded by a cross-functional team that has a combined 70 years’ experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile application, cybersecurity and IoT across Europe and Asia.

Morpheus Labs BPaaS works both as a B2B platform for businesses to rapidly prototype their ideas and projects, and B2C model for freelancers or individual developers. The platform will support distributed hosting for blockchain network nodes and off-chain applications while providing a centralised platform service for developing, managing and regulating blockchain networks.

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