Master Coin Point Expands Its Community to 20 Global Countries and Launches a New Staking Service

Jul 31, 2020 at 10:34 // PR
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Master Coin Point expands its community

Blockchain Project Master Coin Point (MACPO), which continues to present new challenges while striving to build innovative ecosystems, launched MACPO Coin Staking service on the global crypto exchange BW Exchange at 16:00 on July 15, 2020.

MACPO was launched with the goal of integrating all of the world's FinTech platforms into a single market through all-in-one financial services, where most of the financial services we currently use can be provided with optimal service and best value anytime, anywhere.

It was listed on the BW Exchange for the second time on June 23 after its successful first listing on one of Korea’s TOP 4 exchanges. ProBit Exchange, on June 19. By listing on two exchanges, a solid user pool, and high trading volume, MACPO has expressed its ambition to further accelerate its platform expansion.

Recently, many altcoins such as ADA, Tron, and XRP have been resonating with investors by offering large profits to coin holders based on their Staking services. As a result, MACPO has also started its own MACPO coin staking service in line with market trends. 

All of the aforementioned coins are systems that receive interest as rewards when staking through the exchange. Similarly, MACPO coins can also receive high compensation of up to 30% per annum when staking.

While various projects are scrambling to launch their own staking services, the MACPO project is now able to offer competitive services based on an unprecedented rate of staking interest, although other projects offer about 1 to 5 percent per year.

On the other hand, MACPO successfully concluded an MOU with MS Holdings to jointly partner for M-Point, which is vital to the ecosystem, and to secure its use. 

In addition, in order to diversify MACPO's market, the global community has expanded to 20 countries around the world to provide information for MACPO investors in operation.

Refer to the Global Map below for the local community Channel.


Along with the newly launched staking service and the global community’s expansion into 20 countries, MACPO is also drawing keen attention due to the growth of M-Point.

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