Mars Finance Releases Its Latest Development Strategy with Eight Core Business Layouts

Oct 23, 2018 at 09:47 // PR
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Mars Blockchain Summit NYC 2018 was successfully held in New York on October 18, est.

The event is hosted by Mars Finance and Consensus Lab, co-hosted by Crypto Capital, Liaoyuan, Sharp Eye Capital, DFG, Redbank Capital,  co-organized by Gowithmi, CoinBank, Uselink and strategic partnered with Mars Training Camp, BZLM, Viking Capital, Bixin Capital, Grand Shores and WanLabs. Joint by well-known financial institutions and industry leaders from both China and Wall Street, guests engaged in in-depth discussions on the “Next Step” of blockchain industry. During the closed-door Mars Finance Strategy Session, Fred Wang, the founder of Mars Finance along with the management team released the latest development strategy of Mars Finance. 


According to Wang, Mars Finance Group is dedicated to focus on the blockchain industry, and to keep pace with the forefront of blockchain’s emerging trends. In order to promote the transformation of traditional industry and to stimulate the development of blockchain technology, application, investment and trading, Mars Finance Group has been building a value-sharing blockchain ecosystem. 

Co-founder of Mars Finance, Runnie Shang explains the overall strategy in details. As of now, Mars Finance has laid out eight core blockchain businesses including news and media, market data, community operation, training and education, hiring and recruitment, summit and exhibition, investment and blockchain+.   


Mars Finance Eight Core Businesses Layout 

1. News and Media. Mars Finance provide exclusive news and first hand blockchain industry updates, along with data collecting technology and personalized recommendation engine to provide users a 24/7 unstopped briefs and news on blockchain. Currently, total of 12000 news and 26000 briefs have been published. Both Chinese and English versions are available for a wider scope of users, and the Japanese and Korean versions will also be available soon.   

Media segment include content products such as Mars Column, Mars Public Class and 10 Questions with Fred and etc. Mars Column, as an integration platform for blockchain media and “self-media”, has over 800 columns covering a range of 62 institutions, 715 media, and 53 projects for a total published articles over 6580.  10 Questions with Fred is one of the most popular high end blockchain interview programs in China. Up till October 2018, total of twenty five thought leaders and industry front runners have been interviewed. Mars Public Class is one of the largest blockchain knowledge-sharing platforms in China. Top tier entrepreneurs, investment institutions, well-known scholars and leading blockchain professionals have been invited to share through communities and to generate discussions on the newest technology, application, development trend and investment direction. Over 200 sharing sessions have been completed as of now. 

2. Coin Market and Data. Mars Finance supports real-time updates from over 200 global exchanges and 2000 currencies. Data information includes Market Overview, Profit and Loss Distribution Chart, Turnover Rates, Self-Selecting Library, Encyclopedia and Money Flow Chart.  Mars Research Report provides daily market trend analysis, headline interpretations and real-time cryptocurrency market updates. Mars Finance is collaborating with BitUniverse to develop a one-stop portfolio management application. The auto portfolio manager will include a three layer security protection and auto portfolio tracker for more than 100 global exchanges.   

3. Community Operations. Mars Learning Communities have become one of the largest and most influential blockchain knowledge sharing communities in China. The community operating team invites blockchain industry leaders to share professional knowledge on cutting edge blockchain technology, application scenarios, investment directions and development trend in these communities. There are more than 260 communities, over 50,000 members, and more than 5 million people covered by Mars Learning Communities.   

4. Training and Education. Mars College joined by the best mentors from top academic, industrial and investment institutions, to provide training and incubation services for blockchain professionals, elite entrepreneurs and investors. With the intention to create the “YC entrepreneurial training camp” in blockchain, Mars College also offers comprehensive services include channeling in funding and other resources. Three sessions of the first semester have been completed so far, while a dozen offline events have been successfully hosted in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.  Study tour to Japan is next in the agenda. 

5. Hiring and Recruitment. Mars Finance invested in Huopin, a top blockchain recruitment platform, strategically in October. As of now, over 1,000 global well-known blockchain companies, 300 colleges and universities, and 50,000 blockchain professionals are registered on the platform. Huopin is proactively expanding globally, as it has successfully landed in Korea and Taiwan.   

6. Summit and Exhibition. Mars co-hosted the 2018 Blockchain Technology and Application Summit (BTA) with CSDN in March. It became one of the most influential and covered the most technical audience blockchain summits in China. Mars hosted “Mars Blockchain (Silicon Valley) Summit and First Global Blockchain Leaders Dialogues” in August 2018.  And again, Mars Blockchain Summit NYC was successfully held on October 18th. Mars Trip around the World started from China and setting foot in the global market by organizing offline events to promote blockchain technology and disseminate information. So far, eight summits in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and hundreds of offline technology and information sharing seminars covering more than 3000 attendees and 800,000 people by content have been organized.   

7. Investment. Consensus Lab is a cryptocurrency investment fund dedicated for blockchain industry research, investment and incubation. Since April 2018, it has invested in more than 50 top blockchain projects, including Quark, Bumo, Celer, Certik, Bitforex, Coinsuper, Bgogo and etc. 

8. Blockchain+. Blockchain+ helps traditional businesses to combine their business with blockchain technology, in turn, to promote blockchain technology application in traditional businesses’ transformation. Blockchain+ intent to penetrate industrial-chain’s upstream and downstream resources and to assist the development of blockchain projects such as digital currency banking and blockchain games. The founder of Mars Finance, Fred Wang says that after eight months of rapid development, Mars Finance has become a leading blockchain media service platform in China. These eight core businesses mark the first step of building a Mars ecosystem and promoting Blockchain’s positive development in China and in the world. In addition, during the closed-door Mars Finance Development Strategy Session, Mars announced joint incubation of CoinBank with Tai Lab (Silicon Valley) and global strategic partnership with BitUniverse. 

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