Loyyal Announces plans for RibbitRewards

Jul 11, 2016 at 23:09 // PR

Loyyal Corporation announced a new and exciting direction for the legacy cryptocurrency known as RibbitRewards ($RBR).

NEW YORK, NY, July 11, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - Loyyal Corporation today announces a new and exciting direction for the legacy cryptocurrency known as RibbitRewards ($RBR). Shannon Code, Chief Architect at Loyyal and respected industry thought leader, will take ownership of the RibbitRewards related public block explorer and wallet.

As an employee of Loyyal, Shannon was granted the lifetime access to the Loyyal platform to create and run RApp (Rewards Application) programs. He has decided to exercise this grant in order to take over RibbitRewards. As part of Shannon's plan to realize the potential of RibbitRewards ($RBR) he will take sole and independent ownership of the chain, wallet code, airdrop records and existing $RBR reserves. This transfer of ownership will enable Shannon to prepare the currency for a transition to a new program, as a RApp which will operate on the Loyyal platform under the name of synrgtech.

"I'm excited about taking over the RibbitRewards Chaincode, Wallet(s), Block-explorer and various other pieces built to support the exploration of rewards on a blockchain. For more information on what the plan is, please head over tohttp://synrg.tech. This is a huge plus for me as I have many exciting ideas that can be realized within this system being built. By acquiring the legacy program I can bootstrap my RApp offerings with every existing RBR owner," said Shannon Code, Chief Architect.

Greg Simon, CEO and Co-Founder of Loyyal followed by saying, 

"We are excited that Shannon has proposed a plan that will not only benefit existing RibbitRewards members but also take advantage of the amazing features the Loyyal platform enables."

The trademarks and domains associated with RibbitRewards were not included with the transfer and will be decommissioned.

Further details are available at http://synrg.tech.

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