Law Firm Demands The Removal Of The Alleged Name Of The Founder Of The University Of Blockchain And ICO

Jan 10, 2024 at 14:39 // News
Coin Idol, the world blockchain news magazine has received a request from the Gosai Law firm to remove Dan Khomenko's name from the article.

The letter from Krish Gosai LLB (Hons.), LLM, Managing Partner, states:

“Our firm has reviewed the CoinIdol Page available at and note that our client is listed as the co-founder of UBAI (University of Blockchain and ICO).
We are instructed that Mr Khomenko was never a co-founder of this company and his name has been used without his consent or authorisation.
In light of the above, and given that CoinIdol is the only party that can amend the detail on this page, we request that you immediately, and by no later than Friday 10 November 2023, delete Mr Khomenko’s details from this page.”

The original text “World Blockchain Festival: Noah Project Gathers Thousands of Crypto Geeks Under One Roof”: was published on October 10. 2018. In it, Dan Khomenko was mentioned as the co-founder of UBAI (University of Blockchain and ICO), which will supposedly present the very first education where anyone can become a certified professional and build a desired career in the blockchain industry.

Several recent copies (without deleting the original information) of this announcement can be found here:

There are several similar mentions on the internet. However, UBAI'ssocial media pages have been inactive since 2019.


George Gor, CEO of, the world blockchain news magazine with 1.1 million reader views per month from crypto users in 200 countries, commented:

“It is normal for public figures to play hide and seek in the cryptocurrency market because the laws of the world are changing and no one wants to be associated with the projects of the past. Sometimes this is not only damaging to their reputation, but also to their current legal status. No one wants to be a star in a Google search for the query "top crypto scammers”.

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