Lamborghini Uses Blockchain Tech to Certify Vintage Cars

Jan 06, 2020 at 14:32 // News
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What else can Lamborghini add to its blockchain network to make it more perfect?

Authentication of vintage cars is one of the few cases in which Lamborghini, an Italian car manufacturing company, is experimenting with the Salesforce blockchain that the company launched a few months ago. The announcement was made in recent days at the Dreamforce 2019, the event that brought 180,000 participants to San Francisco.

Customer Knowledge

The choice of the Casa di Sant'Agata Bolognese comes after a long collaboration that unites it with Salesforce with the aim of continuing to improve Lamborghini's already high standards in customer care.

The Customer Journey in Lamborghini starts from the dealer to whom, with Community Cloud, the company provides tools to improve the car booking experience. With this tool, the customer can configure the car of his dreams, customizing the interior and the exterior before moving on to the booking. At this point, the dealer can offer another unique experience, that is the possibility to book the collection of the car directly at the plant so that you can see how a legendary vehicle is made.

The car then enters production and the customer begins his real journey in the world of Lamborghini, "pampered" and followed through the Marketing Cloud, Salesforce's intelligent marketing platform, interacting through Lamborghini Unica (the name of the Lamborghini application based on Salesforce Blockchain), the app made with Heroku, the solution, also from Salesforce, which allows the creation of apps to develop direct contact with the customer. With the app you can access a whole range of information, such as the state of progress in production, of the car booked.

Authenticate Vintage Cars

On the fateful day of picking up the car, with Lamborghini Unica the customer is kept updated on the news, he can quickly get in touch with the nearest dealer, can register for special events and receive a pass to access them. The app allows the company to gather information, obviously in compliance with privacy compliance, on the tastes and interests of its clients to offer new and increasingly personalized services.

This brings the company to the implementation of Salesforce CRM, starting last spring, which allows Lamborghini to consolidate all the information collected on customers to provide customer service services of increasingly higher standards.

When a car is resold, it often passes from 800 to 1,000 certification checks that take place at the headquarters. To carry out these checks, technicians must work with a vast network of resources to take care of the whole story and, above all, check all the vehicle parts, attesting to their originality. The idea of ​​firm is to create a network of trust, based precisely on Salesforce Blockchain, between these distributed partners in order to authenticate every vintage vehicle in a faster and safer way.

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