Internet of Things Marketplace DataBroker DAO Continues at Full Speed, Announcing 3 New Alliance Members and Listing on Tokenjar

Aug 09, 2018 at 13:16 // PR
DataBroker DAO is an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data marketplace that has captured the imaginations of industries and governments around the world.

DataBroker DAO has had a successful token launch and since has been busy at hand prudently planning for the next stages of the DataBroker DAO journey, so here’s an update.

Dubai, UAE  DataBroker DAO is an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data marketplace that has captured the imaginations of industries and governments around the world. The platform they are building is chiming due to the nature of IoT technology; it’s touted as a major part of the fourth industrial revolution and is also underpinned by another extremely popular emerging technology, the blockchain. 

Token Launch & New Listing 

Very recently, the  DataBroker DAO token sale for its native token DTX ended. Following this it was listed on  CoinMarketCap and was shortly available for trading on two extremely credible exchanges in both East and Western civilizations,  Bitforex and  CoinFalcon. Joining the previously mentioned exchanges, DTX tokens can now be traded on  Tokenjar.Tokenjar is a decentralized exchange, which boasts zero service fees and direct transactions from wallet to wallet without the need for deposit, registration and KYC. Their underlying technology is the 0x Protocol, an open and permissionless protocol allowing for ERC20 tokens to be traded on the Ethereum blockchain.  

Ironing out the Creases 

In order to confidently and concretely display the advantages and possibilities of the  DataBroker DAO platform, the team are prudently working on use cases, stories and examples of our platform at work, transforming lives and enterprises. Meanwhile, they are also trying to make the idea more comprehensible to appeal to different market segments. 

At present Databroker DAO has about 25 organizations ready to be part of the platform, and now, the company are preparing the onboarding experience one alliance member at a time; they do this with diligence as every alliance member has different needs and requirements. 

Another essential in Databroker DAO’s mission is to get the developers they need by the end of the summer – this in tandem with the onboarding of alliance members with large data sets means the  DataBroker DAO platform will hit the ground running at full speed. 

One final example of the challenges Databroker DAO is tackling is the messages they need to send out to token sale participants and our alliance members. There are the early believers who took part in the sale and our first twenty five alliance members to take care of; there is also the rest of the world that we are trying to reach. 

Getting Ready for the IoT Future 

Right now, they’re giving our focus to IoT sensor data owners and buyers, and when they successfully break through and manage to put all these pieces together, early birds and latecomers alike are going to reap the long-term rewards of a fourth industrial revolution technology, backed by blockchain. 

Databroker DAO would also like to encourage everyone and anyone to check in on our  Telegram channel, every so often we share updates so it’s a great way to keep posted on what we’re up to; furthermore, a big thank you to the community managers of Amazix for their contributions to our Telegram channel. DataBroker DAO is proudly looking forward to working with and for the future of IoT technologies. 

Forging Alliances 

DataBroker DAO welcomes three new Alliance members to bolster security, crowd-sensing as well as project management and consulting. 

Rivetz produce embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions, the technology they provide offers a guarantee of security for digital assets and transactions. Through Google’s Authenticator, users are protected from phishing attacks, fraud and identity theft; the Rivetz Developer Toolkit on the other hand, offers a simplified protection service without the need for passwords, pin numbers and 64-character private keys. 

Second up is SenLab, cutting-edge mobile enterprise solution company that provides an award-winning smartphone Internet of Things (IoT) dashboard, gateway, cloud and API for prototyping, testing and piloting. They are active in the crowd-sensing field, utilizing a large, spread group of participants who are using mobile devices to receive reliable data.  This method has proven favourable in the monitoring of traffic and roads, urban mobility, smart cities, social networking, healthcare, safety and environmental monitoring. 

Finally, Eurocon is a project management and consulting business with specialism in managing technology and business clusters, innovation centers, international pilot projects in emerging markets and advanced digital programmes. The company has been running an IoT community event since 2011 as a networking connector for smart city, Industry 4.0, logistics, healthcare and supply chain industries. 

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