IBM Transforming SME Business in Italy using Cloud Computing

Oct 08, 2019 at 08:05 // News
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IBM transforming business

Twenty years since the introduction of cloud computing, Small and medium Enterprises are Embracing technology Globally. In Italy, many firms adopted technology to improve business efficiency. IBM introduced business hubs focusing on integrating computing for Small and medium-sized businesses in Italy.

An Innovation for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is the accessibility to computer storage and processing power remotely. Technology gained much popularity within the business world and Governance. A multitude of SMEs adopted technology to improve business efficiency and reach new markets.

In a recent publication the University of Naples Federico II, Napoli Italy assessed the risks and benefits of the technology for Italian SMEs. The paper concluded that it represents a significant innovation in ICT. It explained that the tool has numerous potentials that could allow a lot of benefits to SMEs.

In June this year, IBM opened its first Cloud business hub in Italy. The Hub added the number of such infrastructures started by the company to 16 around the world. The Hub focuses on business development using the latest technologies such as Blockchain and the internet of things.

Sebastian Krause, the general manager of cloud & cognitive of IBM Europe explained that the hub allows innovation between businesses and customers. He revealed that the hub enabled success startup business without requiring a large scale corporation.

Given IBM’s interest in blockchain technology, the company is helping SMEs get on into Blockchain. The majorly provides the technological backbone for where the enterprises can build their processes upon. At the moment, this technology solutions entail artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and the internet of things.

Impact on the Global Economy

So far, several Italian companies have chosen to join the IBM business innovation hub. Some of the most notable companies include Topcon, a firm operating around precision agriculture. Topcon revealed that the Hub has helped them to maximize crop production. Another company, Groupama collaborates with IBM to adopt artificial intelligence in the insurance industry.

Companies such as Elica use IBM technology and AI to better understand consumer behaviors to improve product designs. Meanwhile, Wind 3 uses Watson, IBM AI bot to improve its call center efficiency.

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