I'm aero is the Uber of the Helicopter Market

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I'm Aero is the Uber of the helicopter market

I`m aero is the world's only innovative ultra-light helicopter based on the coaxial system. I`m aero`s goal is to make flights affordable and become the Uber of the helicopter market!

People fly over New York, Paris, Monaco, Berlin avoiding traffic jams. The cost of existing helicopter models and their maintenance are sometimes too high for the private individual and some companies. With our project, every person who can buy a business-class car can afford our helicopter, it is quiet and maneuverable, while the cost is several times lower than its competitors. Thousands of people can quickly get to important meetings bypassing traffic jams.

I’m Aero’s products are able to solve different kinds of problems. Because of technological innovation, these helicopters allow people to work in regions with low transport accessibility: like Indonesia, India, Africa, Middle East, the Russian Federation - the Far East. And it’s much cheaper than existing helicopter models.

Moreover, I’m Aero’s helicopters and unmanned aircraft allow the solving of problems in the B2B sector.

For instance, problems with monitoring of long objects in heat and energy complex and especially in the oil sector and related sectors. Using ultralight I’m aero helicopters simplifies logistics both in medical and agriculture areas.

The company was founded in 2001. It had been working for 16 years when in 2017, it took 2nd place in the World ultralight aviation championship in London.

That’s why the decision to conduct a token sale and lead the company to the new greater level was made, because of I’m aero’s status.

The I’m aero company has been constantly developing since 2001, here are some important dates in the company’s history:

1.    2001 - the launch of Nestling 21’ production

2.    2004 - Beginning of development of design documentation for the helicopter

3.    2006 - test and the first flight of the prototype

4.    2009 - Constructor bureau creation and testing of the civil samples of helicopters

5.    2011 - testing a new cabin and sightseeing flights over the city

6.    2012 - Release of 7 production models/sale of R-34

7.    2015 - helicopter R-34 at the exhibition MAKS 2015

8.    2017 - the company took 2nd place at the World Championship in London

9.    2018 - token sale

I’m aero’s mission is to make flight affordable for the masses

Our Models


Nestling 21

The best aircraft for initial training and personal use. All-weather, the presence of heating and ventilation. Easily managed, does not fall into the "corkscrew". The best layout "side by side". (Price: from $34,500)


Helicopter R-34

Ultra-light coaxial helicopter. The machine successfully combines new engineering solutions, compactness, low noise level, affordable price, convenience and ease of use making R-34 helicopters the most affordable for private pilots. (Price: from $160,000)


Aerobot A-34

The best solution for logistics and monitoring! Large lifting capacity of up to 200kg. Work in unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle modes. (Price: from $150,000) 

In 2018 I’m aero entered blockchain.aero’s consortium


Air taxi is one of the main I’m Aero’s directions.

The company has a preliminary agreement with Indonesia’s government. According to this agreement, in 2019 there is going to be more than 1000 airtaxi reservation points open.

Top managers from the ROSTAXI company are going to transfer the experience in how to create a taxi business. The company has been successfully serving clients in Russian for 7 years.

Marketing research of the market was conducted jointly with “Baker Tilly” company.

“Baker Tilly Russia” is a part of one big international organization - Baker Tilly International, which is one of the top-10 international Audit Network.

Why you should buy IAM:

1. All investors will be able to pay for the goods with tokens at a discount price or use the services of the Aero Taxi

2. Exchange tokens on the exchange at a growing rate, due to the increase in the volume of orders. Output of the IAM token to the exchange for at least $1.5

3. Annual ransom of tokens from the market, you can both sell tokens and buy tokens at the market price.

IAM token is available on many stock exchanges right after Round B

We have preliminary agreements with stock exchanges like:



Also, we are negotiating with:



Buying IAM tokens means taking part in an existing strong and innovative company.

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