How UNCHAINET will Change the Way the World Invests in Secure Computing Resources with Blockchain

Sep 07, 2018 at 14:37 // PR
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Unchainet is set not just to address the aforementioned issues but provide an entirely new, innovative, secured and hassle-free approach to the cloud computing services.

With the advancement and maturing of the internet, emerged the cloud computing services that allowed smaller and bigger companies alike to rent ‘servers’ or computing resources on a per-second basis and simultaneously provided upgrade options with a few clicks.

However, as time passed, issues pertaining to the prevalent system appeared as follows:

  • Dominance by a few large players thus threatening to consume the server hosting market with monopoly.
  • There are serious concerns about data ownership and security.
  • The pricing of cloud services are expensive.
  • Accumulation of a large number of underutilized ‘Zombie’ servers.

Unchainet is set not just to address the aforementioned issues but provide an entirely new, innovative, secured and hassle-free approach to the cloud computing services. By developing an open source software based on Blockchain technology and forming a support network of individuals, hosting providers, companies with underutilized data centres and ‘ex-cryptocurrency-miners’, Unchainet ushers in a whole new world of cloud computing. 

Unchainet Features 

The Unchainet Platform

  • This platform is intended for Providers, clients and developers. It is intended to be a platform where renting and buying of computing resources can be done with high quality and optimum security from anywhere in the world.
  • Providers would be able to install the platform on their hardware. Installation can be on bare-metal or virtual machines on the existing environment.
  • Clients would be provided with access to the Unchainet web console and CLI- A cloud provider with simple UI for launching new instances. ‘Eventual availability’, ‘Guaranteed availability’, and ‘Long term booking’ are some of the unique features for clients.
  • The platform is being designed for developers so that they can run single containers, shell scripts, or kubernets configurations on the Unchainet cloud. Capabilities to include choice of programming language, choice of Data storage structure and choice of publicity/anonymization of transactions and permission systems are also planned.
  • Developers can then use the Unchainet Blockchain for faster transactions and creation of new Blockchain applications.


  • By combining the existing open source technologies, the Unchainet platform and the QoS chain, Unchainet cloud provider would be able to compete with large cloud providers.
  • The QoS chain is also planned to monitor the quality of individual nodes in the network and thus allow Unchainet to serve mission-critical workloads on high quality nodes.

Cryptocurrency payments

  • The cryptocurrency of Unchainet, UNET, will be an Ethereum based ERC20 token and on integration with the Unchainet blockchain main network, it’s intended to be migrated to a 1:1 ratio to native CRC credits.
  • Faster transaction time and capacity using the revolutionary Blockchain engine.
  • Minimal transaction cost.
  • Negligible energy consumption and cost.
  • Completely decentralized thus providing security, efficiency and transparency.
  • All transactions would be duly recorded on the blockchain with absolute transparency.

Unchainet is here to provide a new and unique platform for providing cloud based computer services that promises to bring in security, efficiency, transparency and minimal running costs. This one-of-a-kind platform would ensure the end of the monopoly and dominance of a few large players and thus provide an environment of a decentralised platform with equal opportunities for all. 


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