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Jun 20, 2018 at 11:34 // News
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Pure future with Greentoken

Right now the world is experiencing the environmental pollution problem. Even waste recycling affects the nature, and we’re not talking about damage done in the process of dumping the waste into the sea.

There are two main ways of municipal solid waste management: dumping and incineration. The first one became obsolete today because our garbage consists not only from organic waste but from different kinds of plastic and polymers. Decomposition of these materials can take a lot of time, up to 1000 years! This as well as different toxic substances produced in the decomposition process of synthetic materials damage the soil and water resources, affect local flora and fauna. Every year around 500 thousand sea creatures and more than 2 million birds die from plastics.

Incineration is the most common way of the waste management. It allows to recycle 95% of the waste. However, remaining 5% are released into the atmosphere in form of toxic gases because various plastics, batteries and lamps get to the furnace without separate waste collection.

Many scientist are concerned with this problem. In 2010 researchers found out that humanity reached the point of no return, it is not safe to store the waste on our planet anymore. Now it's essential to find new ways to deal with the waste. The number of countries able to build profitable and eco-friendly high tech recycling plants is rather small. Scientists, independent researchers and companies are working on solutions.

One of these companies is Greentoken. The Greentoken’s goal is to build a recycling plant able to deal with any type of waste: solid, organic, medical or industrial without initial sorting. The waste is recycled through pyrolysis reactor that turns 95% of the waste into the syngas and 5% into coke and ashes. Recycling goes without access to oxygen at the temperature up to 1300°C. It is the first time anyone uses this technology at an industrial scale.

Syngas is a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the industry that generates heat and electricity through gas-turbine and gas-piston generators. Moreover this energy powers up the plant specifically the foam glass production.

Foam glass is a universal material for insulation of residential buildings and industrial enterprises because of such qualities as thermo- and sound insulation as well as Liquid ingress protection. Expected production volume is 14000 cubic meters per year. Also most of the produced heat energy will power the industrial greenhouse complex (20 hectares) and the storage for vegetables (10 000 ton). 

In the February 2018 the company has successfully tested the prototype of the pyrolysis reactor in Germany in the laboratory of the Doctor of Technical Sciences Here Unger. Testers aimed to to determine and evaluate the amount of syngas and coke produced in the recycling process. Their goal was to show technical capability and functionality of the pyrolysis reactor.


Types of municipal solid waste in Astana:

•         Plastics (PET/PP/PA): 29%

•         Plastic wraps (For example Tetra Pak): 5%

•         Cardboard: 8%

•         Various types of paper: 35%

•         Textile: 10%

•         Rubber, tire: 7%

•         Wooden waste: 6%

Researchers had determined that syngas is also a source of methanol, carbon monoxide with high calorific power. Coke analysis had shown similar high carbon content.

Reactors are made in Germany in accordance with German federal laws on emission of harmful substances (17 Bim SchV; EU Directive 2000/176 EG).

Reactors are non-explosive because the recycling process goes at atmospheric pressure.

The waste is processed without contact with the external environment. Moreover exhaust pipes don't require filters.

Public concern and innovative solutions by companies like Grenntoken are leading us towards the next phase of fighting the environmental pollution problem. Now we still have a chance to right our wrongs and fix mistakes to give future generations clear air to breath, blooming soil to walk and plastic free oceans to swim. Everyone should think about the harm already done to nature, about ways of preserving the Earth, about support for those people and companies that are trying to change our world for the better.

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