Gladage in MIB Blockchain Forum Alongside Members of European Parliament and VC Firms

May 14, 2018 at 09:18 // PR
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Gladage in MIB Blockchain Forum

The conclave will witness movers and shakers including Ivan Catlin, member of European parliament engaged in Blockchain technology to have an interface with each other and explore promising possibilities in the latest sensation called Blockchain. In due course Experts, Retail and Institutional Investors, Venture capitalists, Influencers and Lobbyist will brainstorm plethora of possibilities.

About Gladage

GladAge builds decentralized senior care ecosystems backed by the power of Blockchain. Considering that world population is ageing at a faster pace, there is a massive business opportunity to be tapped upon. Gladage will work towards solving the present crisis in Elder Care Industry through the most Innovative, cutting edge and tamper proof Blockchain technology. The Gladage Token sale has been floated on 1st may, 2018 and is witnessing great response from the investors.

To better deliberate upon Gladage phenomenon Evan Luthra, Mukul Jain and Yash Jejani will be interacting with the esteemed audience. They will provide full details on Gladage upcoming phenomenon. [1] They will target European market and collaborate with partners and prospective investors.

Evan Luthra is Strategy Advisor of Gladage and CSO with Almora. At the age of 22, he has already set up a massive enterprise called EL Group international with its presence all over the world. Being a serial entrepreneur, he is lately obsessed with Blockchain world. [2]

Mukul Jain, an ex-army linguistic, holds an innovation and entrepreneurship graduate certificate from Harvard University. He has been handling business development for and

Yash Jejani is the COO of Almora. He is an eminent Blockchain Strategist. He holds an extensive experience in Crypto and Blockchain world. Yash is a powerhouse of knowledge and full of ideas shaping best innovations.

We at Almora and Gladage warmly welcome everybody to Blockchain conclave.

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