The Future of E-Commerce Trading with International Marketplace Bazista

Nov 06, 2017 at 14:07 // PR
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The platform introduces a more streamlined process of e-commerce and increases security in transactions and powerful marketing tools.

Bazista will make its entry in the bitcoin and blockchain driven community, as it will be launching its Pre-ICO on the 16th of November 2017 at 12:00 a.m. (UTC +3). The pre-ICO will last five days and ends on November 21st 2017 at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+3). 13 200 000 BZS tokens is total amount that will be available with a 45% discount for early contributors. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 11 000 BZS (not including discount).

Total number of generated BZS tokens: 440 000 000.

  • 73% of tokens (321 200 000) will be sold in the ICO to secure funds for further product development, operations and international expansion.
  • 15% of tokens (66 000 000) will be held by project founders and the rest of the team that helped to bring the project to life with their hard work and dedication.
  • 4% of tokens (17 600 000) will be reserved for advertising campaign inside the platform.
  • 3% of tokens (13 200 000) will be sold in the Pre-ICO.
  • 3% of tokens (13 200 00) will be given to advisors.
  • 2% of tokens (8 800 000) will intended for the initial stocking of the bounty pool.

Bazista is one of the first B2C and C2C trading platforms empowering E-Commerce industry with digital assets. It was developed with the aim to create an easy infrastructure for various cryptocurrencies-and the blockchain driven community, as the usage of cryptocurrencies is becoming more common in the modern world. With minimal platform commissions Bazista can significantly reduce the cost of goods and services and help saving up to 13% per deal. Users who’ll deposit over 48.000 BZS tokens into their account won’t have to pay any fees at all.

Bazista will allow buyers to convert digital assets into real goods and services. Moreover, it will provide sellers with a wide range of technical tools and marketing tools for the rapid sale of their goods like blockchain tech  for safe and transparent cross-border payments, static or dynamic price for the goods (The exact amount to pay is calculating on the purchase moment), UX design and intuitive navigation, quick add of goods using the phone's camera, intuitive categories selection according to photos of the added goods (Neural network, simple AI), smart analytic tools to increase sales efficiency, access to e-commerce for the unbanked regions.Buyers that use BZS tokens will get products for a discounted price during the discount sales campaigns. The platform will also reward its users with tokens, when they aid the sales of products to other users of the platform by simply promoting them.

The platform is manned by a team of professionals and innovators in various fields. Vakhtang Abuladze, an accounting degree holder, is one of the founders of Bazista and acts as the CEO of the company. One of his previous jobs entailed the work as an Audit consultant in big four. Other notable team members include Denis Sholokhov, Maksim Orlov, and Mikhail Kokin. At the moment team is preparing for several conferences in India, Emirates, Netherlands and Japan.

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