Future of Blockchain: What Is Next in the Blockchain Space?

Oct 28, 2019 at 15:35 // PR
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Come to the heart of the Financial District and explore BlockchainWeekend Summit NYC, a main event of BlockchainWeekend NYC. Join in and spend time with innovators, curious corporate players, and blockchain experts in a summit filled with new and existing blockchain projects. Get a front row seat to the disruption, and what better place than New York City. All will be convening for knowledge, networking, drinks, and camaraderie.

BlockchainWeekend NYC is a city-wide inaugural initiative in coordination with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the biggest tech ecosystem players in New York. It will take place from Thurs., Nov 7 to Sun. Nov 10th, a sister event of BlockchainWeek NYC in May, with 50+ blockchain-focused events happening across all five boroughs. The focus of blockchain weekend is to highlight local NYC tech space and blockchain projects that are being built.

Anyone who tells you that they know what we can expect in the blockchain and distributed ledger technology is, at best, giving you an educated guess. The exciting thing about blockchain is there are so many possible use cases where peer-to-peer transactions, trustless trust, greater efficiencies through disintermediation will alter existing industries in ways not yet conceived of. This panel is sure to touch on at least some of these topics:

●     Smart Contracts - how deeply will they affect the legal profession? Will they be employed broadly or only in narrow cases where the conditions to be met are easily verified in the digital world?

●     Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) - These are described as organizations that self-govern via an unchangeable (‘immutable’ is the term you’ll often see) set of business rules. These rules must be written so that each of the stakeholders governed by those rules has an incentive to abide by them. A deep understanding of game theory and human nature is required to get this right.

●     The Sharing Economy - What will AirBNB, Uber or Spotify look like when there is no central authority in charge?

●     Real Estate Tech - Many companies are well underway on the efforts to securitize real estate. Would you like to own a fraction of a percent of the Empire State Building? That could be coming sooner than you think.

●     Financial Markets - Exploring the future of FinTech. The space is being disrupted from various angles. See how it actually happenings.

While we can’t yet say what our experts will talk about, you can be sure there will be some amazing topics to mull over and that the opinions of our experts will be worth hearing.


Disrupting Healthcare [Blockchain as Key to Innovation]

As we well know here in the United States, many aspects of the healthcare system need improving. Not all of the problems can be solved with technology. Some require the political will to implement other models of providing healthcare. But there are areas where the tools of technology will make healthcare better. What are a few of these?

●     Patient records - If a patient sees multiple doctors or providers at different locations then sharing access among providers can be a challenge that takes days to solve. With patient records on a blockchain, the patient could grant access to specific providers and allow only those records needed to treat the patient.

●     Live projects - Aiming to disrupt medical device supply chain on Ethereum Blockchain Network

●     Supply chain for drugs - The horror stories of counterfeit drugs make a compelling case for having a transparent, trackable supply chain system for drugs. When shipping drugs overseas, where temperature control or duration in transit can make the difference between when a drug does or doesn’t work, tracking on a blockchain could radically improve outcomes.

Very excited about NYC being innovator in the blockchain space and hosting this Blockchain Weekend extravaganza with so many events across the city. It's really great to be part of this space. I personally look forward to this fantastic event, and I’m excited to join in on this BlockchainWeekend NYC summit.

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