Ethereum Classic is About to Have its Biggest Breakout Ever

Sep 28, 2018 at 09:21 // News
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ETC investors have been gripping firmly to their coins and multiplying more during the correction.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the coin to give a load of attention to during the present market correction. ETC investors have been gripping firmly to their coins and multiplying more during the correction. The ETC investor landscape isn't a big one at this moment, but it is definitely one of the most highly educated and well informed and painstaking ones.

This implies that the majority of them aren't willing to invest in something due to the vast hype surrounding it. They are highly interested in the fundamentals behind the project since it is what is hard to achieve and change. Feeling and hype can change at any moment. 

When Ethereum (ETH) branched off the original chain and ETC came into existence, several investors in the original ETH ended up with two coins: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. So, several mining and development groups shifted to ETH, they began to dump their ETC coins. There are several reasons behind this. Admittedly, some of them had an aim of physically crashing ETC since it didn't underprop the fork, and so they decided to revenge on the coin. The constantly dumped mountains of their coins on open exchanges each time ETC would see an increase. 

Contrasting Sentiments 

Igor Artamonov and others on the Ethereum Classic development team didn't worry about the price. With their hustle and persistence, not only did they flourish in bringing a dead project back to life, but they have turned it into a rising ETH competitor. This is why we have observed ETC start an upward movement against ETH. This could very possibly get to a point where the true flippening happens. 

The general feeling has been against ETC since the time of its inception. Several people thought it's a dead project and others knew it was a scam. Bitcoin (BTC) has registered an increase in the number of lows and then a decline, ETH has registered the same not forgetting Ripple (XRP). Nevertheless, for ETC, the number of lows has been on a high soar. 

If we are to be more realistic, we would comment that the general thought has been against ETC since its time of inception and ETC hasn't seen anything good from the cryptocurrency landscape.

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