Engraving Data Forever On the Ethereum Blockchain

Dec 12, 2016 at 14:50 // Blockchain
Coin Idol

Everex, an innovative fintech and blockchain development company, has announced the launch of their new product Chainy, that allows to store any data in Blockchain forever.

Chainy is an independent Ethereum based smart contract, and its data exists for as long as the blockchain lives. It will always be possible to view the data, on this and any future explorer that can access the Ethereum API. All stored proofs and data will be available forever, through Mist or some other open-source viewer.

According to the official press release, Chainy allows recording your text right in the blockchain and users can also leave it encrypted, for privacy.

Moreover, Chainy promises to solve the problem when hackers and malware operators replace the short links included with their submitted content. Replacing links shortened with third-party services, after content has been approved and published, is the most common way to get unexpecting traffic to bad sites. Using Chainy and its AEON Short links prevents this and makes it impossible to ever replace short URLs. The real address destination is saved in the blockchain with the unique short code, and never can be changed by anybody. 

If user needs to sign a file and provide a link, allowing others to see this file and to check its signature, he may not want to trust saving your file on a server belonging to a third party. Chainy also promises solve this problem by saving the proof and a link to the file together in a smart contract.

Chainy, an independent Ethereum based smart contract

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