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Sep 22, 2021 at 09:15 // News
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DIFX helping the next wave of users through their free educational materials

Trading is a big topic. For those who want to get into it, it can be intimidating knowing where to begin learning, or who even to listen to.

With blockchain progressing further into the world of multi asset trading thanks to DIFX's MT5 platform, this innovation will attract new eyes from the crypto scene into the world of traditional assets. Newcomers will be glad to know that DIFX are not only innovating through their new platforms, but are helping the next wave of users through their free educational materials, available on DIFX Academy.

It’s good to know you’re in the right hands when being taught how to handle money. MT5 was created when DIFX Co-Founder and CEO, Jeetu Kataria, brought together an elite team of leaders in the worlds of banking, technology, marketing and fund management. Kataria is an experienced trader himself, having been a multi asset trader “all his life”.

DIFX Academy has 12 e-books, 8 introductory courses, and 5 in-depth courses. The academy begins by explaining basic trading concepts such as chance and risk, trading emotions, risk distribution, and defining what trading pairs are. Users will feel more grounded after just a few minutes in the academy.

Then there’s a lesson on trading terms, which are obviously essential in navigating the seemingly complex platforms with their unique vernacular. Some of the more advanced topics covered in the Academy's early stages include passive and aggressive trading rules, as well as different types of Market Analysis patterns. Traders should have a basic understanding of economics, including concepts like globalisation, growth, and crises.

Learners can find out how traders communicate and share platforms through the lessons on ECNs, or Electronic Communication Networks, as well as receive knowledge about social trading and how to choose a trader to copy from.

And obviously, there’s lessons on how to use DIFX’s MetaTrade5 platform, on both desktop and mobile.

DIFX Academy’s In-Depth courses explain aspects of trading crypto currencies along with trading psychology, capital management and technical analysis. Other sections cover Trading Tools, CFDs and Stocks, and Advanced Trading Strategies for maximizing profits. Each strategy even includes examples of how to determine when to enter and when to exit a situation. In the Academy, students will learn about strategies such as the Trend Signal, Tunnel, Fractal, Fishing Strip, Zigzag, Wave Tracker, T-Chaser, Fibo Trap, Zoom In, and Semi Automated. There's even a more rudimentary in-depth course on Forex.

Finally, the E-books in DIFX Academy are a great option for those who prefer to read over listening to and watching a video. The 12 E-books cover a range of topics already covered in the videos such as cryptocurrencies, the trading market, terms, beginners strategies, a Forex Glossary, trading psychology, capital management, market analysis, basic and advanced technical analysis, and advanced strategies.

It’s great that such a thorough program has been assembled for free by a platform delivering so much innovation. DIFX not only wants to bring ease to trading technically, but also wants its users to make the right decisions when it comes to the expenditure of capital, whether it be on their multi asset trading platform, or their spot trading app.



A diversified portfolio and the ability to track investments are becoming increasingly important in today's fast-paced trading environment. When it comes to all types of investments, DIFX will be a one-stop shop. When trading on the DIFX exchange, users won't have to switch between different windows or tabs to trade indices, forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies all at once. This streamlined procedure will transform the way trading is currently carried out and give investors a seamless trading experience across crypto and traditional financial markets. DIFX Academy, by educating traders, will push DIFX closer to its goal. 

Learn more about DIFX by visiting www.difx.io

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