With 2nd Stage of Presale End, DECOIN Already Completes Development of Blockchain Environment

Jun 25, 2018 at 16:39 // News
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Decoin blockchain environment

DECOIN is on the verge of providing real-world utility for users with its innovative blockchain based solutions. Already well on its way to becoming a major player in the space, ICO Bench has rated the project a fantastic 4.5/5.

Successful Completion of ICO Presale

The company is living up to expectations and has been progressing quickly through its project roadmap. DECOIN has already completed the development of its blockchain environment, the generation of coins, and created its online wallets, ensuring it is ready for a successful launch.

The public can check out DECOIN’s progress on the company's live site. With this timely development, DECOIN has been able to add multiple different languages to its service offering, ensuring global access to end users.

DECOIN’s presale has been incredibly successful thus far, having sold out the 1st stage and The 2nd stage of the presale, already having raised over $3.2M.

Focus on Regulatory Compliance

Viewing regulatory compliance as an inevitability, DECOIN is taking all of the required measures to ensure the necessary diligence has been performed to provide a successful ICO, and subsequent product launch.

The company has also recently started the RMO process in Singapore. Once this regulatory process has been completed, DECOIN will be licensed worldwide–and users will be able to trade on their DTEP trading and exchange platform.

Crypto-Credit Cards and Strong Proof of Stake Incentives

DECOIN is also issuing their own set of cards to users that hold their proprietary coins. Operating seamlessly with the coin’s wallet, users can liquidate their cryptocurrency directly at various points of purchase.

DECOIN’s strong PoS incentives allow users to receive interest while simultaneously holding the currency for their own use in the future. Allocating an average of 6.2% yearly interest on revenue to all coin holders that stake their coins in DECOIN's online wallet, DECOIN is truly beneficial to all users. DECOIN partners who exchange their coins on the platform become mutually invested in the index and therefore the success of the project.

Closing Thoughts

The way the world treats monetary instruments is changing significantly with the invention of cryptocurrency, and becoming entirely digital. Here is where DECOIN’s innovative offerings could prove to be a viable option for users around the world.

More information on the ICO and the company itself, including whitepapers and vision, can be found on  https://www.decoin.io

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