Decentralized Video Platform: Viuly Successfully Completes Airdrop to 960,000 ETH Owners

Dec 08, 2017 at 10:38 // News

Airdropping tokens is a good technique to allow mass adoption of your platform throughout the crypto community. While most new coins launched on the Ethereum blockchain or even on their new blockchain fancy an ICO-style introduction into the market, we have seen what happens with the value of their tokens. They mostly plummet after entry into the coin market and are forgotten within a few weeks and continue to lie in obscurity for the foreseeable future.

There is another way of building your platform that involves constant hard work and bottom-up approach rather than top-down approach and that is usually displayed by new startups aiming to airdrop their tokens rather than hold an ICO. By giving tokens to the crypto community, they aim to spark their interest in the platform and then build that interest into a working community that benefits from the setup and gets rewards through their hard work.

Viuly, a blockchain-based decentralized video platform has just finished airdropping tokens to almost a million ETH addresses.  Everyone who had some ETH (0.1 or more) in their wallets were eligible for the airdrop and the Viuly team had come up with a record on November 5 for this purpose. If anyone had some ETH in his account at that point, you are likely to be rewarded with the Viuly tokens.

But how can you access them?

You can use the following settings to add the custom Viuly token:

Address: 0x519475b31653E46D20cD09F9FdcF3B12BDAcB4f5

Name: VIU

Decimals: 18

So, the tokens are in the wallet but how can you help to develop the worth of these new tokens since they aren’t probably worth a lot now? One can do it by joining the community and becoming a registered member on the new platform. More than 40,000 registered users are already using the video platform that already has a healthy 2500 list of channels and over 10,000 unique visitors daily.

These visitor numbers look sure to increase even more once the system is connected to the mainnet on December 15, 2017. Once it connected, advertisers will also be able to connect directly with the system and upload their content on videos and start generating hits. All the active users involved in the development of the Viuly platform are likely to get benefit from the revenue of the platform.

Viuly is currently trading for BTC and ETH on Bit-z: and Etherdelta at:

When more and more users are involved in the new platform, there is likely going to be an increased demand for the platform and it will eventually rival Youtube and other big video portals and eat away into their shares.  The mission of Viuly is to disrupt the video industry using the innovation and sheer power of the blockchain technology. They already have a small investment on the platform from backers so they weren’t looking for investment and airdropping campaign is a reflection of this approach. So, can Viuly eventually challenge the top video platforms?

Learn more on Viuly’s Website:


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