DataBroker DAO Releases Details of Smart Island Talks

May 26, 2018 at 11:32 // News
DataBroker DAO

Databroker DAO announced details surrounding their recent Smart Island talks, with less than a week to go in their token sale.

The team attended the two-day Smart Island World Congress, which attracted experts from all over to discuss problems that islands face. Island nations like Aruba and Barbados were eager to see how Databroker DAO could help solve issues like waste management and lack of sensor data.

Islands Are Perfect for Databroker DAO

DataBroker DAO Blockchain Solution Architect Tom De Block was ecstatic at the idea of making islands smart through IoT devices. Since islands are not interconnected, it makes them a perfect sandbox for the IoT platform to gain valuable insight on how their system works in the real world.

"Islands are the perfect playing ground for our solution. Unlike cities, where some of the competencies are regional or even national, an island stands alone. Making it a lot easier to get things done. That is one of the reasons why we will gladly work together with all interested islands to deploy white labeled front ends of the DataBroker DAO marketplace.”

The IoT market is prime for explosion, with the industry expected to be worth $1.2 trillion from sensor data alone in 2019.

Positioning footholds in islands will lead the way to penetration into major cities, allowing Databroker DAO to capitalize on this growing market.

“Discovery Release” Details

The platform has also addressed any concerns of authenticity regarding any data that may be sold on the market through upgrading the platform.

The new update introduces a “token curated registry,” which requires users to stake DTX tokens when they sell data. This is effectively making users “put their money where their mouth is,” which should filter out spammers and low-quality data.

Buyers can also file disputes regarding false sensors or data and receive the staked tokens as compensation. But buyers must also stake their own tokens as well. If multiple buyers file a claim on the same sensor, compensation is divided proportionally among the buyers, depending on amount each buyer staked.

The “discovery release” or Alpha v2.0, also sees new sensors installed in Belgium. A new DApp has also been created, which will allow users to more effectively navigate the token curated registry, which will make discovering new data sets even easier.

Token Sale Details

The token sale began April 26th, and will end 1 month later on May 26th. Tokens are being sold at a rate of 1 ETH = 4000 DTX, and participants are given a unique referral link allowing them to earn an additional 5% from any commissions.

Public trading of the tokens will start 4 days later on May 30th, on the CoinFalcon exchange. Prices will likely be more expensive than ICO prices due to the increased demand from users looking to purchase DTX.

To learn more about DataBroker DAO, visit their website and read their whitepaper. Users can also interact with the community and team members on Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Blog posts are made through Medium and interested developers can follow their progress on GitHub.

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