DataBroker DAO Announces Token Bonus, New Date for Extended Token Sale, and Plans for China

Jun 02, 2018 at 09:08 // News
DataBroker DAO announces token bonus

Global businesses are forever in pursuit of leveraging sensor data over competitors for the benefit of an advanced service delivery. Sensor data has been proven to greatly enhance operational output when available and properly utilized.

The team behind DataBroker DAO knows just how critical the proper utilization of this data is and have unveiled a platform development whose simple aim is to allow easy access of these data at low cost.

Voice Of The Community

Since the launch of its ongoing token sale, the vision behind the development of this innovative platform has received strong backing from a committed community. The sensor data platform has been heralded as a critical solution for the industry and its recent Q&A sessions has furnished the community with definitive answers to their questions. The session also highlighted a crucial question with unsold DTX tokens from the token generation event.

With the community opining between burning or keeping this unsold tokens as the TGE neared its end, DataBroker DAO platform took the initiative to realign the project.

Extension And Double Distribution

DataBroker DAO will be extending its TGE event till 30th of June and rewarding the community, including anyone who have already purchased DTX tokens. The reward will benefit holders of DTX by reimbursing one extra token for every token held by the buyer. Previously sold at the rate of 4000 DTX per 1 ETH, tokens will now go for 8000 DTX per ETH throughout the remainder of the TGE event hard capped at 108 Million DTX.

At the end of the TGE, there will be a 3 month lock-up period, followed by listing on a reputable Chinese exchange. CoinFalcon was the initial choice of exchange prior to sales date extension, it still remains one of DataBroker DAO’s choice of exchanges when the extended period ends.

Next Stop China

DataBroker DAO is currently assessing the multi-billion dollar Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) market. Presently estimated at CNY 500 billion (80 billion USD), recent findings have show the Chinese market will hit a trillion mark by 2020.

Determined to lead this industry into a decentralized and disintermediated future, DataBroker DAO will be touring four cities in the country over a two weeks period. These cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, will help the platform connect directly with its customer base, tap into the Chinese market, and open the door for investors via the ongoing DTX token sale.

Platform Development

Backed by seasoned team members with years of experience, DataBroker DAO has now focused its development on launching a dataset feature scheduled to go live this week on Dapp. The feature enables any data buyer to sell ‘processed datasets, i.e., AI, BigData and aggregation enriched data.  

DataBroker DAO has also announced its openness to link up with interested stakeholders within the Chinese market connections who can assist in expanding the impact of the team members visiting China to relevant sectors. Interested parties can directly connect to the team via DM on the DataBroker telegram channel.

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