Global Animal Databases & Data Processing System for Pets powered by AI

May 15, 2018 at 07:33 // News
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Global animal databases

Finally, an advancement in technology that cohorts subjects of the pet-ownership industry. A revolution for complex paperwork, repeated fees and endless waiting - using NEM blockchain to piece together this jigsaw of today's society.

The Stone Age of pet administrative procedures [including animal breeding and pet-registry] has finally been shattered. As a result, the broken shards of information which were once scattered have been carefully collected, placed into order and stored safely within one neat and tidy infrastructure.

A theory emanated from the dissatisfaction inflicted by recurrent tedious operations: “What if there was a place where all animal-related data was accessible?”

Facts at present mean that to own, show or mate one’s pet, one must endure lengthy and costly procedures to achieve what should be a simple task. The current situation within the pet-ownership community remains trapped in a very outdated methodology of manual labor.

Elias Konstantinides and Victor Grinchenko are the company’s founders who said “no” to continuing to conform with an old state of affairs, and using their expertise and  knowledge brought forth the nation - liberating the single-mindset which was forced upon us by pen-meets-paper, into a digitized and futuristic world of code.

“It is time to catch up. We have the ability to control and manipulate systems, for the greater good of society. Why shouldn't we be making the most of technology of which we now have at our fingertips? Paperwork in this day and age just seems frivolous! Zkylos is driven by the means to create convenience. It's time to give animal lovers, pet-owners, breeders (and the likes) the opportunity to interact and store data in a platform that they can trust. A one-click process, leaving no room for pesky human errors.”

Under normal circumstances, if one must register a puppy (for example) there are a number of required actions that involve various offices and so, incur expensive fees. If mistakes are made such as typos, the entire process reverts to the initial origin, and one is requested to commence yet again. Shamelessly and unquestioned, there are usually no refunds available.

What is also astounding is that still no links are connecting these compatible organizations even within one international infrastructure (like FCI), and so this leaves a mere tumbleweed blowing in the wind. With zero communications between critical channels here is a team that has emerged and are now working seriously hard to gel the community once and for all.

“It is a monetary non-system implemented to suck away at precious time, efforts and - more than anything - cash. It is as inconvenient as is unnecessary. Our interest is to rectify, simplify and create a structure that unites all bodies within the industry with 100% transparency.”

Zkylos has already gained recognizable investors and recently sky-rocketed to equip not only the canine industry but to cater to all animals and has too, persisted to evolve in sync with obligations from all relevant angles. From the birth of an idea to incorporating integrated AI, both the crowdfunding campaign and a new demo is up and running.

"The project is alive, and we are pleased to announce that a ‘demo for pet owners’ is available to walk-through with another ‘demo for breeders’ just around the corner. Progress is unstoppable!"

As the creators disclose their overall concept, motivation, and principle, we find ourselves asking: “Why shouldn’t there be a place where all animal-related data is accessible?” With one huge sigh of relief, now in 2018 - having finally caught up - those who understand the frustrations will have their needs met. No longer will this particular market be left behind.

“Zkylos will impact a global societal transformation. Paperwork meets technology. Due to this fact, a large number of businesses will see a significant increase in speed of transactions as well as sales. Zkylos believes we are one. Together for a better world, together for better ownership."

It is only fair in stating that due to Zkylos technology, administrative procedures and animal-related deeds are going to advance tremendously, and rightly so.   

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