Dacxi’s DAC Coin Could Be Bigger Than Binance, KuCoin And Houbi

Jul 20, 2018 at 10:36 // News
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Dacxi has pioneered a new category of crypto exchange called a Community Exchange.

Exchange coins have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the crypto market during 2018. Led by the strong performances of Binance, Huobi and KuCoin, exchange coins have quickly become a must-have in a diversified crypto portfolio.

The DAC Coin issued by the Community Exchange, Dacxi, is the newcomer to the exchange coin category. Dacxi hope to compete with the market heavyweights by offering even greater utility value, and an entirely new category of exchange. 

Why Community Exchanges Will Become The Most Popular Way For New Retail Investors To Buy Crypto 

Dacxi has pioneered a new category of crypto exchange called a Community Exchange. Community Exchanges are tailored to the mainstream retail investor, not the technically proficient traders or long-time market participants. They combine an easy to use crypto buying interface with community learning resources that help new investors trade confidently. 

Unlike the complex trading interfaces of Binance and OKCoin, the Dacxi Community Exchange is beautifully simple in both design and language. Genuine customer support teams help new investors navigate the messy verification and tricky deposit processes quickly; creating the friendliest exchange in crypto. 

And unlike the soulless experiences of Coinbase and Guarda, Dacxi features an entire community willing to share their crypto knowledge with newbies via online crypto discussions, courses and meet-ups.  

The DAC Coin’s Unprecedented Utility Value 

At the heart of the Dacxi Community Exchange is the DAC Coin, Dacxi’s native exchange coin. The DAC Coin can be used on the Dacxi Community Exchange to unlock a 25% discount on all exchange fees. It will also provide users who hold at least 10,000 DAC Coins with early access to Dacxi’s subsidiary venture capital partner, Crypto-VC’s pre-ICO investment opportunities. 


How The Utility And Scarcity Of DAC Coin Will Help Drive Its Price 

One of the core drivers of exchange coin growth over the past year is the re-purchasing plan that many exchanges carry out to actively reduce the circulating supply of their coins. Dacxi intends to use 70% of all of its profits to buy back DAC Coin quarterly and burn them, thus reducing the amount in circulation until only 50% remain. 

Exchange coins derive their value in three ways. From the utility in which they offer coin holders, the reducing supply achieved through buyback programmes, and the market perception that regardless of whether crypto prices will increase or decrease the volume of trading for crypto will grow exponentially.    

Dacxi believes that its offering is much more impressive than the existing exchange coins that have enjoyed so much success. 

About Dacxi 

Dacxi (or Digital Asset Community Exchange International) is a global start-up pioneering a new category of crypto exchange, called the Community Exchange. 

The company has offices in New Zealand, Australia, Gibraltar and Singapore. The Dacxi Exchange and Community platforms are available in public beta; proving the capability of the team and the innovative technology at its disposal. 

By leading the Community Exchange movement, Dacxi’s mission is to remove the barriers to entry that have stopped mainstream retail investors from investing in crypto. This will unlock the next wave of crypto investors that will grow to a trillion-dollar market by 2022. 


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