Cryptosnake Play-to-Earn Game Will Hold Competitions With a Prize Pool of 18,000+ BUSD

Jan 06, 2022 at 11:02 // News
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Participation in the competition is free

In the official play-to-earn community of Cryptosnake, a large-scale “Intergalactic Competition” has been announced. You need to collect the most pixels in the “Snake” arena to win. This is a good chance for those who used to get stuck in a snake for hours in the 90s-00s!

January 20-24, 2022
Prize pool: 18,000 BUSD + 26,800 SNK
The main prize: 10 000 BUSD


Participation in the competition is free. Any player can try.

The competition will begin on January 20 at 14:00 UTC and last until January 24 at 12:00 UTC 2022. The winner is the one who earns the most in-game SNK tokens on the playing field during this time. The number of games per day is limited: no more than 3 games per day, 10 minutes each. It is allowed to use multiple snakes to increase the chance that at least one of them will win.

What is Cryptosnake?

The gameplay of the blockchain game is implemented using SNK game tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFT). In fact, this is an ordinary "Snake", where you need to move the snake across a square playing field, try to eat as many coins (pixels) as possible and dodge obstacles so as not to collide with the border of the map or with your own body.

The difference from the classic snake is that Cryptosnake allows you to make money on the game. The most agile snake breeders are already making $10 to $50 per day from each snake in the arena. Players can also profit from staking (from 30% to 115% per annum depending on the type of snake).

Read more about the game on the official website

Competition details

The launch of Intergalactic Competitions is associated with the appearance of a new character in the game — Black Mamba. This snake has unique characteristics, including increased speed. Black Mamba snakes are more difficult to control than others, so it will be a real test of agility.

The most agile player will receive a prize of 10,000 BUSD

There are ten prizes in total:

  • 1st place - 10 000 BUSD

  • 2nd place - 5000 BUSD

  • 3rd place - 3000 BUSD

  • 4th place - 10 000 SNK

  • 5th place - 5000 SNK

  • 6th place - 3000 SNK

  • 7th place - 2200 SNK

  • 8th place - 2200 SNK

  • 9th place - 2200 SNK

  • 10th place - 2200 SNK

The prizes will be credited to the cryptocurrency wallets, which are connected to the game.

The use of bots and third-party programs is prohibited. The game algorithm is able to identify cheaters and block the game.

All players with a Black Mamba snake will automatically take part in the competition. Snake NFT is given for free when staking amounts of 99 SNK or more (at the time of this writing, it is about $15).

Prizes are waiting for the best serpentine breeders! Have a good game!

Click here to find out detailed competition rules

Follow the game news in the official Telegram community

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