Augmented Reality Game CryptoHunt Soon Available for Demo Access

Feb 21, 2018 at 12:02 // News
CryptoHunt soon available for Demo access

Leading Augmented Reality tech firm CryptoHunt has released new details of their upcoming location-based game “CryptoHunt”, which is scheduled to hit the streets with a demo release opening this month.

Augmented Reality Game Based On Blockchain Tech

Offering a chance for gamers to experience virtual environments based on actual locations worldwide, CryptoHunt’s demo version will go live on February 21st, in an exciting fictional setting of the world of treasure hunters. Using revolutionary blockchain-based technology, the AR game seeks to change the way people interact with games.

Those familiar with popular game PokemonGO will immediately settle into the game play. Players will be fully immersed in the roles of modern day explorers seeking treasures, as they get outside, actively seeking clues and solving riddles to collect CryptoHunt tokens. Just by playing with other friends in the environment, completing trivia-like tasks, players can earn tokens in creative and imaginative games. Unlike most in-game tokens, however, CryptoHunt tokens represent real world value that will eventually be able to be used, sent and spent by collectors via a CryptoHunt Visa debit card linked to their account.

The demo release will enable players to test out the game in real time, giving them first insights into the mechanics of this game and allowing them first-hand experience of the unique qualities it has to offer. A token generation event (TGE) will also be launched after the demo release to fund the further development of this product, which is planned for a full release around June 2018. Furthermore, all players successfully completing 10 levels in the demo will benefit from a 10% bonus during the TGE.

Enter CryptoHunt and Play to Earn CryptoHunt (CH) Tokens

Earning CH tokens is easy. Simply download the mobile app (iOS and Android supported), create and account and play. Professor Crypto will give you your first task or question, the answer or item to which can be located throughout your city. Find the correct treasure chest and you will receive the reward.

As players progress, they can earn tokens, collectibles, cosmetic upgrades and ranks according to the score achieved and time taken to complete missions. Each item found will be given a unique registration on the blockchain and can only be registered on one inventory at any one time, ensuring that every player has full ownership of the item at any given moment, further enhancing their values as collectibles.

CryptoHunt hopes to bring together a community of crypto enthusiasts in an environment that fosters cooperation so that everyone can learn and earn together.

Token Sale Details

The CryptoHunt TGE launches on March 1st, 2018 and ends on March 15th, 2018. Contributions start at 0.1 ETH and are capped at 15 ETH each. To register your interest, complete the whitelisting process by joining the Telegram group and submitting a proof-of-care form. Here’s a tip: playing the demo and completing 10 levels will entitle you to a 10% bonus on all TGE contributions.

To learn more about CryptoHunt, visit the website and read the full whitepaper. To connect with the development team, join the chat on Telegram or follow their page on Facebook.


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