Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners – The Ultimate Ebook

May 30, 2018 at 14:57 // PR
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Cryptocurrency trading for beginners

Brand new ebook teaches the principles of profitable trading in a masterpiece of content for newbies who want to make it right from the beginning: The Crypto Trading for Beginners Ebook.

They say that in crypto trading in general more than 90% of traders lose while 10% take profit, or probably even way less. The reason is that most crypto traders don’t trade but gamble. Profitable trading requires some knowledge many newbies just don’t have yet.

Cryptocurrency trading is so easy to access that everybody just creates a trading account in a second and starts to invest, hoping that he will get a return on investment of several 100% in a couple of days, which some will, most won't.

The crypto markets are new, exciting, hot and they will likely last due to the new technologies behind them. That’s why everybody wants a piece of the pie. But those markets are very different from traditional financial markets in many ways. It’s not just the higher volatility and higher possible returns in crypto – also nobody would ever start trading Forex or Stocks  with that little trading knowledge as crypto traders often do.

People investing in the crypto markets are often that little prepared to what trading for profit really means, that this is the reason why most of those guys lose in the long run and the industry just calls that big crowd of trading newbies in crypto “dumb money”.

The 10% or less who are actually winning in the crypto markets are those who did their homework:

Understanding charts and trading signals, having a clear strategy in advance of every trade and using proper risk management always.

And that’s exactly what the brilliant crypto trading book for beginners teaches in a very efficient way:

"We wanted to create a shortcut for trading beginners so they can learn all aspects of profitable trading in the most efficient way possible. Otherwise, when you start trading there is so much you need to learn and you need to collect all these information from different sources on your own. Not to forget the mistakes you will make or the trading hacks you sometimes just get accidentally from somewhere. Learning will never end, but with our highly specialized ebook beginners get the best start possible."

The Crypto Trading Book Helps Beginners To Become Pros In Short Time

The crypto trading for beginners ebook on teaches the principles of profitable crypto trading before newbies might start losing money. The content is built very logically and efficiently for people who start to learn trading from scratch. In it’s core the book provides the following:

Finding potentially good trades: The book is teaching newbies how to find trading signals in the form of reasonable trade entries and exits in cryptocurrency charts. Readers get a useful set of tools for technical analysis with the best insights regarding crypto price action.

Clear Trading Strategies, Step by Step: On top of this practical knowledge readers get a whole range of high probability crypto trading strategies suitable for very different market environments, accompanied by a detailed chapter about risk management – so readers understand how to protect their capital and let it grow over time.

Tons of crucial Tips: The book is full of hints and insights showing that the author has a high level of practical experience in crypto trading. Additionally it includes tons of other essentials, covering more or less every aspect around cryptocurrency trading, even IT security to protect your coins and tips for the use of social media.

There is likely no shorter and more efficient way to get that much knowledge and skills in crypto trading than with the successful crypto trading for beginners ebook.

Definitely a Must for every newbie in crypto trading and for relatively new traders who still lack good strategies.

The 150 pages PDF ebook is available on

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