ConnectJob: A Universal Blockchain-based Platform with a Wide Range of Services

Nov 17, 2017 at 09:47 // News
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ConnectJob is a new blockchain-based peer-to-peer universal platform that offers multiple interactions for different services dedicated to individuals in an all-in-one application.

ConnectJob allows its users to connect directly to a multitude of services based on geolocation through an Uber-like counter. By connecting users looking for services and Jobbers offering such services, ConnectJob allows users to exchange value directly without relying on third-party intermediaries in a single click. Thus, according to their whitepaper, ConnectJob aims to help customers to find what they need, right at their fingertips while helping Jobbers to find potential clients. 

Users will be able to log in and use ConnectJob services without any complex registration, easily and safely. Moreover, using uPort, Civic and Stratis identity management platforms, ConnectJob will allow Jobbers to certify their ConnectJob reputation on the Blockchain and to bring this certification to any other services.

ConnectJob Tokens

An all-in-one application that provides a wide range of services to suit different user needs within a single platform. The blockchain community will use our services with CJT (ConnectJob Tokens), a utility token that can be used as payment for all services available on our app, helping and building trust between service users and service providers from different sectors.

The team

Jonathan Gueron (co-founder & CTO)

Jonathan founded ConnectJob with the ambition to create the worldwide leader of the Jobber market with the integration of resources provided by the blockchain system. ConnectJob will benefit from Jonathan’s past experiences via his strong entrepreneurial mindset and unmatched skills in Software Development, IT and System Administration.

Yoni Assouline (founder & CEO)

Yoni Assouline will oversee the marketing development notably deploying the application worldwide and ensuring the day-to-day business activity. Regarding the ICO’s operation, Yoni handles the investor relations.

Its unique technical skills coupled with the Blockchain technology will steer ConnectJob towards achieving its ambition of +20m monthly users within 5 years, in c.20 major cities.

ConnectJob Pre-sale ICO launches December 1

ConnectJob is also the first auto-regulated ICO to date. With the disintermediation of services, ConnectJob shares the vision of the decentralization of services that public blockchain technology allows. It will let its users manage their assets directly, without trusting a third party. The Company integrate the platform in public Ethereum blockchain and will make a progressive transition to a fully decentralized service, managed and operated by its users. ConnectJob need your help to achieve this vision!

The ConectJob ICO Pre-sale is due to run December 1-20, 2017 and the sale on January 3 to February 12, 2018. To incentivize the sale of all Tokens, a decreasing bonus will be offered to early investors, which will contribute to this stage. Only 1,100,000,000 tokens (65% of all tokens issued by ConnectJob) will be available for the Pre-ICO and ICO sale. Investors entering the Pre-ICO process will benefit from a discount as follows: 1st week: 20% discount, 2nd week: 15% discount.

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