Decentralized Jobbing Platform, ConnectJob, Announces Start of Presale

Dec 21, 2017 at 12:30 // News
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FinTech startup, ConnectJob, is proud to announce the presale of its decentralized social jobbing platform from 12/01/2017 to 02/11/2018. Billed as the “Uberification” of the global labor market, ConnectJob is a decentralized service platform that seamlessly enables professional jobbers to connect with service seekers in their locality. Using blockchain assets, users will be able to exchange values without third-party intermediaries.

The Uber Economy

The on-demand economy has grown in leaps and bounds off the back of advancement in mobile technology and increased internet literacy. Estimated at over $900 billion, this economy has enabled millions of skilled workers to fully maximize their skills and utilize their time through contract-based assignments. However, this economy is riddled with legal and fiscal pitfalls and challenges for those involved ranging from identity theft to contract default, high commission fees, fake reviews, and bogus reputation. These problems stem from the highly centralized and opaque nature of these platform and the endless mediation between users.

Introducing ConnectJob

ConnectJobaims to reinvent the global labour market through the development of a secure and transparent ecosystem platform that strips away control from these centralized authorities and place it back in the hands of users. Users will be able to directly connect with each other and exchange values and services through smart contracts and geolocation. The platform’s inventive geolocation tools enable users to find skilled and vetted jobbers in their locality, engage them, and monitor their progress at the job site from the comfort of their mobile devices.

ConnectJob registers jobbers based on professional criteria in order to provide users with a “best-in-class” service delivery. Service seekers can view the jobber’s recorded work history, reputation, reviews, and comments on the blockchain before engaging them. By recording all engagement on the blockchain, ConnectJob has eliminated the inherent identity and reputation problems on traditional platforms, ensuring that users are engaging exactly who they want to engage.

All engagements on the platform is backed by lawyer-backed smart contracts. Smart contracts will protect users against contract defaults and secure funds on a trustless, escrow system.  

Advisory Dream Team

ConnectJob is backed by some of European’s leading luminaries in financial, legal, and blockchain matters, including: Jeremie Berrebi, Europe’s most active angel investor; Hubert de Vauplane of the reputable Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP; and Asia’s leading blockchain pioneer, Tetsuyuki Oishi.

Token Benefits

ConnectJob ecosystem is powered by CJT tokens issued on Ethereum blockchain. However, unlike most tokens that have no other purpose than to serve as mere speculative vehicle, CJT tokens benefits holders by enabling them access exclusive offers and benefits. Jobbers will be able to connect to priority jobs in their areas and access a service map detailing the hotspots in their areas, while service seekers will be able to engage highly rated jobbers. Additionally, CJT token holders will benefit from holding the token through the regular distribution of bonus CJT tokens when roadmap milestones are achieved by the project.

Token Sale

ConnectJob’s presale offer is the startup’s attempt to place the future of the gig economy in the hands of the users. The ongoing sale -which has met with resounding success, selling over 5 million tokens in the first week alone – is being offered to early contributors and adopters at 20% discount. Tokens can be purchased using Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), or in fiat (USD/EUR) at the equivalent of 2400 CJT per ETH. Minimum token purchase is 1 ETH

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