Coinbase Adds Customizable Crypto Watchlists, Online Trading Platform Now User-Friendly

Dec 16, 2018 at 10:13 // News
Coin Idol
It has officially issued a watchlist feature to its online user interface.

Coinbase, the crypto exchange bull, rolled out a new feature on Thursday, December 13, 2018, making its online trading platform more ergonomic. It has officially issued a watchlist feature to its online user interface. The notice is part of Coinbase’s 12-day announcements event.

The watchlist feature enables users to maximumly customize their Coinbase dashboards. Using a tweet, the platform said the customers can select the data to be unfurled on their personal dashboards. They can also choose a digital currency along with price charts plus other market information.   

“The crypto industry moves fast. It’s hard to filter information on the many assets out there. On Day 4 of 12 Days of Coinbase, we’re rolling out watchlists so Coinbase customers can customize their dashboards with assets of interest,” Coinbase said.   

Days of Coinbase

The watchlist further stretches to cryptos which are not traded by the exchange platform (Coinbase). The exchange revealed that they have been planting in users’ logged-in experience for half a year now. This effort was carried out to provide users with the capacity to customize the Coinbase App to their digital currency interests.  

“Over the past 6 months, we’ve made several investments in customers’ logged-in experience. Each new feature serves a greater purpose: to give customers the ability to tailor the Coinbase app to their crypto interests. We look forward to building more features that make your dashboard more personal,” Coinbase revealed.   

At press time, it has made the 5th day of announcing. The expansion of the exchange’s e-gift card program is so far the largest update that has been proclaimed. The e-gift card program lets the users buy e-gift cards using digital assets.   

On day 2, the exchange platform gave away ZCash as a donation to help more than 50 Venezuelan households. 

On day 3, Coinbase released a video revealing that crypto was the next-big-thing in money and finance. The video indicates that digital asset will more likely become a ‘democratizing force’ for the entire globe.

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