Cloud-Based Decentralized Storage Partnership Announced

Feb 15, 2018 at 15:41 // News
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A new partnership should make the world’s first public decentralized public blockchain database far easier to access. Database provider TiesDB, has formed a strategic partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized applications (DApps) company IAGON.

The partnership will combine TiesDB’s database with IAGON’s cloud-based global supercomputer. IAGON is building a decentralized “global supercomputer” on the blockchain that is powered by artificial intelligence. IAGON’s supercomputer is designed to connect smart devices through the cloud and deliver DApps to them.

TiesDBis building a decentralized and distributed public database designed for the storage of DApps and blockchain-based data. The TiesDB database is designed to facilitate the storage of large amounts of data on the cloud and in the blockchain.

A major goal of both companies is to make business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions and services cheaper and easier to access. IAGON would provide the computer power and TiesDB will provide the storage solutions.

“I am confident that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial and will enable us to provide both B2B and B2C users with highly-advanced storage and processing services at a fraction of market prices,” Ties DB CEO Alexander Neymark said.

TiesDB taps Power of Global Supercomputer

IAGON’s ultimate goal is to let owners of computers; or any other device with a GPU or CPU processor, generate extra income by allowing its global supercomputer to run on them. Individuals and businesses would be able to sell spare computing power through IAGON’s blockchain.

The hope is the network will create a decentralized global grid of storage processing power that solutions like the TiesDB database can take advantage of. A goal of both TiesDB and IAGON is to make advanced data storage and computing solutions available through the blockchain at a fraction of their present costs.

IAGON is planning a presale and initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) of its IAG utility token to raise funds for its supercomputer. A presale of IAG is planned for March 2018, and the ICO is set for May 2018.

TiesNetwork is Now TiesDB

TiesDB is an independent software provider formerly called TiesNetwork. TiesDB raised $9.5 million by selling more than 59 million of its Ethereum-based TIE utility tokens in October 2017. The TIE token currently trades on Tidex and a number of other decentralized exchanges.

TiesDB was founded by Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kochin. Alexander Neymark has been launching and developing financial services for banks and telecommunications companies since 2000. In 2012, he began creating a platform for aggregating financial user data (account aggregation technology), which was implemented in the final development of Krawlly.

Dmitry Kochin has extensive experience in IT. He holds a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and has been a serial entrepreneur in the IT sector since 2005. Kochin has been involved in a variety of software projects related to payment processing, account aggregation, computer telephony and even financial services within online games.

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