BuyUcoin Study: Indian Females Double Males in Investing Cryptocurrency

Jul 02, 2018 at 09:56 // News
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Indian females double males in investing cryptocurrency

It looks like women in India are more financially positive than men when it comes to cryptocurrency world, according to the survey done by BuyUcoin, the giant Indian crypto exchange. BuyUcoin indicated that the information that was published in a tweet on June 28th, shows that on average, women invest more than men in cryptocurrency from India.

Clean Money For Women 

The information from the study revealed that females invest almost twice as much male in their cryptocurrency portfolio. 

Indian females spend near to over Rs.140,000, (sic) while males spend just Rs.70,000. These given figures were arrived to after carrying out a thorough study in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities all over India and it looked at almost 60,000 potential crypto investors countrywide. 

The study further shows that the majority of crypto investors within India are males. The study statistics indicates that less than 10 percent of all crypto traders are females while a population of almost 90 percent is males. 

The Elites' Urbanised Game 

Urban centers possess the largest amount of crypto traders, which is not a surprise of course, with Delhi NCR leading the market at 22.09%, followed by Mumbai with 14.42%, Bengaluru at 13.91 and the rest follows. Nevertheless,  the number of cryptocurrency investors is excessively low compared to those that don't directly manage crypto on their portfolios. 

Despite India's effort to fight the use of cryptocurrencies,  the crypto market in the country has been steadily booming and this has made India one of the Asian's main cryptocurrency market. 

The Age Factor Index 

The study went ahead to show that females who invest in cryptocurrencies are by average 10 years older than males, this turned out to be a big surprise to many people. 

Shivam Thakral, CEO and co-founder, BuyUcoin said that they wanted to carry out a full study to determine new policies and better strategies that will push the cryptocurrency industry forward. 

When carrying out the study, some interesting facts were acquired for example; the service sector taking much interest in dealing with cryptocurrencies, and women showing a huge potential in leading the crypto industry more further.

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