A Revolutionary Platform to Change Payments in the Adult Industry Announces Token Sale

Mar 02, 2018 at 17:33 // News
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 BunnyToken will take that revenue and offer a new safe platform

The adult industry is popular and rich currently valued at $103 billion yet banks and financial institutions stay away from accounts related to the taboo-ridden industry. BunnyToken will take that revenue and offer a new safe platform based on the Ethereum blockchain where transactions can be made with its very own cryptocurrency BUNNY.

The company announced its token sale which will take place between the 13th of March and 25th of May following a private sale which reached the company’s soft cap in January of 2018. It’s easy to see why BUNNY can climb the ladders of the crypto world, given it is dipped in a thriving industry with a noticeable large gap; it has no reliable payment solution. Unlike current payment providers, BunnyToken will charge low fees and guarantee security of funds for all participants while providing anonymity for consumers.

“Our project is on the fast lane to becoming a mainstream payment solution and the BunnyToken platform is already in the initial stages of development.” BunnyToken co-founder and CEO Alexander Maslov said. he continued:

“Our confidence about the potential of BunnyToken is only growing stronger, and we want to take all our investors to the moon with us”.

BunnyToken stands out among its peers because it is a carefully crafted and intricately designed project with realistic and attainable goals. Anybody who has ever paid for adult content or products can benefit from the platform which gives the BUNNY token real value in everyday life. 1 billion tokens will be issued 70% of which will be sold during the company’s promising token sale. Funds will be used for the development of the company, its payment solution software and increasing brand awareness.

The payment solution will only offer merchant accounts to legal businesses including adult tube sites, online sex shops, adult webcam sites, dating services and individual workers.

Token sale will take place between the 13th of March and 25th of May. The sale will take place through the official website  BunnyToken.com and the token’s price will rise by 1% every day that the sale is live. The company has announced it will burn any unsold tokens which would instantly increase the value of the remaining ones. Official partners will also be gradually added and according to the whitepaper a number of industry websites have already pledged to use BunnyToken upon its launch.

The platform will be release in early 2019.

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