Airdrop: An Event You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Dec 03, 2022 at 11:40 // News
Guest Author is launching an airdrop of the game’s internal token named $KALE

Even if you have never received a single airdrop which would be surprising given how often these events take place, here is the one you don’t want to miss:, a free-to-play simulator of a startup in virtual silicon valley called San Crypto, is launching an airdrop of the game’s internal token named $KALE, and is about to distribute $7000 worth of those.

To get these free tokens you need to complete a series of very simple tasks, like subscribing to in social media or leaving comments. But those activities won’t take up too much of your time, and the game that is based on a popular Take My Muffin cartoon show is really eye-catching so the reward is actually worth the effort. will send $KALE to 1000 winners, so chances are high. All details of the giveaway are available at, the rules are clear and simple. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, as, on one hand, the more the merrier, and on the other, playing with your best buddies is obviously fun.

What are airdrops per se? Historically, they were the way to let crypto adherents know about a new project and invite those to join or try the product. The concept seems reasonable since almost every blockchain-based service requires some native token to be spent in exchange for the anticipated action.

For a regular user obtaining such a token might be a Herculean task: the token could be unlisted, impossible to buy, it could exist on one particular blockchain with no bridge to be transferred elsewhere, and so on and so forth. Airdrops are invitations to come and have a test run with no additional efforts or complications.

This straightforward logic got affected by the uprise of crypto in 2017 which on one hand led to some tokens becoming worth selling, and on the other hand airdrops per se turning into a spam machine with hundreds of murky projects spreading gazillions of tokens to wallets trying to lure in any client base, boost registrations and seek further funding.

As a result, blockchain users’ pattern has changed from active participation is whatever activity is offered to a very selective reaction. This means that once the token arrives on your wallet, you’d spend another minute or two simply googling the donating project before either forgetting and moving on, or, less likely, acting upon it.

That’s when the world of airdrops got split into two parts. The bigger one is still crowded by ‘the helicopter money’ (or, to be precise, helicopter token giveaways), the smaller yet more precious one requires users to undergo some simple steps in order to be eligible for the drop. Obviously, there’s much more value in those assets that are hard to get.

Some studies [] show show that even the best projects like Uniswap, Optimism, LooksRare, ENS, dYdX, 1inch, Ampleforth, Gitcoin, and Tornado Cash got mixed results from their airdrops but this is a look from the point of view of the company, not the token holder. There are two key metrics to value this: first, it’s important to measure how fast the new owners unloaded their tokens into the market, second, to track user retention, i.e. how many of those to receive tokens got involved, and who ignored the opportunity.

With, the company anticipates both metrics to be high: $KALE is already listed with the Cryptology exchange and is gaining liquidity. However, there’s no need to drop the token immediately as there are way more applications for it in San Crypto.

The game uses play-to-earn mechanics, thus incentivizing active players as they progress. The gameplay is designed to satisfy both ‘spenders’ who want to upgrade faster and scale up their startups, and ‘earners’ who can benefit from actively participating in the ecosystem. As a result, there is a fine balance between fun gameplay and earnings, and the game doesn't require any starting capital or paid items to have fun.

Main_Logo_Blue.jpg alpha version will be available for closed testing soon. The anticipated gameplay includes multiple locations, characters, buildings, development strategies, an internal market for goods and services, and many more other inspiring gaming functions. The $KALE token is effectively a key to those, and once you receive your kales, you would want to sell it (despite the fact that it is already listed on the Cryptology exchange).

The airdrop started December 1, 2022. Go for it, 5000 KALE for 1000 random participants each and 1.48 Million KALE for top 50 referrers are waiting for you.

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