Blockshipping Announces Platform Development and Public Token Sale on May 14th

May 09, 2018 at 12:00 // News

The seaborne freight industry accounts for 60 percent of trades conducted by sea, making it one of the most valuable water-based industry. However, the enormous potentials of this industry keeps getting frustrated by security threats, overcapacity, increasing environmental regulations, and low freight rates.

At any given moment, there are over 27 million containers either being freighted from one destination to the other or waiting to be picked up. Intermodal freight containers have become the most favoured mode of transporting goods across distances, setting the precedence for the revolution of the shipping industry and the modern global trade.

The Trouble with Shipping

Despite the benefits that intermodal delivery systems have brought to the shipping industry, the system continues to be plagued by both efficiency and optimization problems. Up to 20% of all containers shipped remain unaccounted for when it comes to exact location, precise destination, and current ownership. To exacerbate this problem, no one can tell if these containers are empty or loaded, resulting in time mismanagement and inefficiency. To solve these challenges, what is need is a neutral, global platform uniting all industry players to keep real time tracking of all containers, ownership, location, and destination. A solution like Blockshipping.

Blockshipping addresses the challenges facing the shipping industry through an enterprising  Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP). GSCP is the world’s first real-time registry shipping containers on the blockchain and a unifying ecosystem for all stakeholders in the industry, enabling them to cooperate and communicate efficiently and effectively.

Blockshipping’s CEO, Peter Ludvigsen, had this to say:

“Traditionally, the shipping industry has a reputation for being rather conservative, but what I have experienced since the announcement of our GSCP project is anything but the traditional pushback on new business ideas. It has been like one unbroken series of positive dialogues with key players of all areas in the container shipping industry.”

Blockshipping, a Critically Acclaimed Solution

Critically applauded by several leading ICO ranking platform, Blockshipping has been projected to not only reduce industry cost by USD 5.7bn annually but also substantial reduce the global CO2 emissions through the smart handling of shipping containers. Some of the platform that have reiterated Blockshipping’s groundbreaking development:

Blockshipping has also garnered the attention of global mainstream media with over 100 different articles about its novel approach and token sale structure that has helped raised awareness about the project’s uniqueness and grown tits vibrant community to over 9,500 on Telegram, more than 7,600 followers on Twitter, and thousands of views, likes, and shares on Facebook, Medium, and  LinkedIn.

The positively overwhelming interest the platform has gotten from the global community has firmly entrenched Blockshipping’s belief in the timeliness of its development and market potential.

“I am extremely proud to say that a few days ago Blockshipping obtained confirmation from a global container carrier that they will join our GSCP platform as our first customer” the CEO added. “This is a carrier in the 10-20 global ranking who has also confirmed that they will join our Customer advisory board.”

How to participate in the public sale?

Blockshipping’s public Token Generation Event goes live on May 14. Contributors to the event will need to register on the portal and complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) check. Contributions can exchange Ethereum, Bitcoin, bank transfers (USD, EUR, DKK or via debit or credit card) for tokens.

Blockshipping is powered by two specific token model that offers unique benefits to contributors. They are:

  • The internal utility token, Container Platform Token - CPT

  • The external Revenue Share Token, Container Crypto Coin - CCC

CPT token is the default currency for the clearing and settlement of transactions between industry players, while the CCC token is a dividend token that entitles holders to a percentage of revenue generated from transaction fees on the platform.

To learn more or participate in the token sale visit the Website:

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