Blockchain Technology In Formula 1 And Self-Driving Cars

Oct 05, 2016 at 08:11 // Blockchain
Nina Lyon
Traveling in a self-driving car or Formula One bolid

Acronis, a private technology company, has recently developed a new software "black box" for self-driving cars using Blockchain technology.

Today, most car manufacturing giants try to develop and sell cars with autopilot driving options. However, one of the key challenges of the self-driving cars market is the registration and storage of recordings of possible traffic incidents.

Acronis has proposed to use Blockchain in a software solution that allows a determination of the level of responsibility between the owner of the car and the self-driving car manufacturer if there is a car accident.
Victor Lysenko, the Vice President of Blockchain solutions development at Acronis, commented:

“One of the most important features of the Blockchain is to ensure the immutability of the recorded data. The solutions based on this technology offered by Acronis allow multiple parties involved [in the accident] to trust the stored data, even if there is an absence of complete trust between the parties. In the case of conflict, the proposed solution will significantly reduce transaction costs.”

Blockchain-based software for Formula 1 racing cars

This is not the first case where the Acronis company has used Blockchain technology for software in the automotive industry. In summer, Acronis signed an agreement with the Italian Formula One racing team Scuderia Toro Rosso

Acronis has developed Blockchain-based software that can track and securely store the data of the racing car. During a race or testing, modern cars can generate up to 700 gigabytes of data. This information is used to modify the car and in strategy planning for future races. Secure storage of such data can significantly help in winning races on the Formula 1 track.

Formula One racing team Scuderia Toro Rosso, Bolid car

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