Blockchain Match-Making Goes Beyond the Average Online Dating Experience

Feb 17, 2018 at 18:51 // PR
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Although the use of online dating applications is rising, consumers are still looking for more evolved matchmaking methods. There are various reasons behind the search for a better platform. A significant number of individuals, who have experience of usingcurrent matchmaking platforms, feel disappointed and shocked by the level of deceit and misrepresentation found on common dating platforms.

Blockchain matchmaking platforms are backed by cryptographic currencies such as Ethereum and usually incorporate smart contract capability into their systems. This setup allows for automatic trust less interaction over the network. Power is not concentrated at a central point but is distributed to the users instead.

The appeal of conventional dating applications is based on the promise of effective community management, privacy and security. In comparison, blockchain technology achieves a higher level of trust by ensuring that the value that users bring onto the platform remains within their control. Because blockchain matchmaking sites are decentralised, they ensure a level of security that dating apps will never be able to provide.

Blockchains are architecturally and politically decentralised–

No individual has complete control over the system and hence it possesses no structural weak point. However, blockchain does retain the element of centralisation in its logic structure. This means that it operates in unison with all members and the entire set up acts like a single computer. For an online dating platform, this would mean that the system will be highly resilient to failure and that it is much harder for hackers to manipulate or destroy the information on the system because there isn’t any central point to the target.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence –

Another advantage blockchain based dating platforms possess over conventional dating applications is their use of artificial intelligence (AI). On blockchain platforms, AI programs are able tocompile and match user data available in public domain, to compile valuable and individualised dating advice for users. The artificial intelligence is also able to arrange first dates by suggesting meeting locations on the basis of the members' timetables, locations and interests. Studies show that some artificial intelligence programs are able to use food preferences from both parties to generate restaurant suggestions between the parties' homes.

This quickly eliminates all the usual hurdles associated with first meetings. Once the two participants agree for a meeting, the artificial intelligence adds the event to their schedules and gives them routine reminders to leave work on time and prepare. Though most dating platforms lose their clients once a long-term relationship is established, artificial intelligence-driven blockchain platforms are unique in the sense that the contacts of both parties are retained. This gives an opportunity for AI to work as a relationship advisor, giving both parties reminders about important events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

In essence, we can say that withBlockchain matchmaking users are always secure and can experience match-making that is unmatched to average online dating solutions. This kind of experience is offered by Bloomatch.

Bloomatch is a revolutionizing blockchain-powered platform which facilitates relevant and focused matchmaking. It uses Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algos to regularly update participants’ profiles in the database. It offers a front-end interface which allows members to search for pools with different interests and in different zones.

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