BlockCDN Releases New TV Set-Top Box For Cryptocurrency Mining

Dec 04, 2016 at 11:08 // Business
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BlockCDNs, a blockchain-powered CDN trading platform, has announced a new design for a miner that uses your TV set-top box to general digital currency. They call it Idle Flow mining because it takes your excess internet bandwidth and turns it into digital cash.

According to the announcement, the whole system has been designed for ease of use, and there are just 3 simple steps to set-up. The plug-in is currently limited to Android TV set-top boxes but there are plans to expand quickly to other platforms. Now, users can perform mining activities in the home by installing a simple piece of software giving BlockCDN an advantage over other mining systems.

Tony Long, CEO of BlockCDNs commented:

“Turning waste into money. BlockCDN is a waste recovery officer for the Internet.” 

BlockCDN has already released an idle flow miner for mobile phone, laptop and tablet devices which has seen significant interest within the digital currency community. The ‘plug and play’ design means anyone can get involved, performing mining activities in the home by installing a simple piece of software. BlockCDN has attracted 1000 miners to date and more come every day.

BlockCDNs mission is to create a crowd-sourced bank of computing resources they will then offer to content providers at highly competitive prices. The CDN industry typically serves content providers with bandwidth on demand, enabling them to deliver a faster, more stable web experience to customers. Yet traditional CDN services are running on costly technologies making it difficult for them to scale to meet growing demand.

Tony Long said:

“Internet use has doubled in a decade putting pressure on traditional CDN providers. Video and rich media content is gaining popularity and the rise of social and mobile media mean the consumer is demanding faster higher quality web experiences. BlockCDN believes the share economy model holds the only real solution to the problem.” 

However, BlockCDNs notes, due to unprecedented demand in BCDN mining, those interested in running the TVBox or other miners through BlockCDN are required to take part in the ICO to the value of 50ETH or more.

BlockCDN ICO crowdsale is open until 26th December and has now added Bitcoin as an option to investors. Investors receive BlockCDNs native currency ‘BCDN’ that has a fixed supply and is used to pay for BlockCDN services and to pay miners. There is an additional 40% profit share for the first three years to early bird investors.

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The BlockCDN team have 8 years experience working in traditional CDN companies giving them a unique insight into the industry. The CDN industry is currently $6bn and is predicted to be worth more than $23 billion by 2021 (MarketsandMarkets). BlockCDN aim to take a slice of that market with content giant Youku first in line to trial the system in the new year.

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