Aitheon On A Globe Trotting Mission: Meetings With Leading Firms Over Their Robotics And AI Integrating Platform

Apr 08, 2018 at 11:00 // News
Aitheon on a globe trotting mission

Robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are all three different ways today’s cutting edge technology is being used to gather information, make complex and accurate decisions. They are also being used to execute physical  tasks with a high level of accuracy and precision. The impact of these technologies is very substantial.

Despite these technological advances there is a slower adoption than many within the market have anticipated. The technology is not cheap and with so many different manufacturers and developers, all working independently there is a cross-compatibility issue.

Connecting It All Through Blockchain: Aitheon

Aitheon is a Blockchain based platform designed to integrate a number of robotics, AI, IoT, human specialists and cryptocurrency into one massive decentralized system. The platform acts as a service for other firms and manufacturers, who wish to utilize the data processing and integration ability of the platform for their businesses and bring down costs, increase efficiency and increase data processing capabilities.

The Aitheon platform is a unique platform and is not a concept that is just written in a whitepaper. With more than seven years of development and actual live testing of its core programming, the Blockchain platform allows firms and organizations to merge their human work element with AI to automate tasks that can become high-stress jobs due to their repetitive nature. Areas such as recruitment, data entry, logistics, autonomous vehicles and many others could be substantially improved.

Global Meetings With Industry Leaders

In its effort to promote its system’s profitability and ease of use, Aitheon, meeting with major players around the world. Their list includes:

World Bank: The global financial institution that helps struggling governments was briefed on the positive and economical use of their integral token, the AIC, making loans and transactions easier, accountable and quicker.

Microsoft: The Microsoft Technology Centre in Dubai will be contacted in the near future in an attempt to work together with Aitheon’s technology and the software giant’s back-end office solutions.

IL&FS: The Indian Infrastructure Leasing And Financial Services firm will cooperate with Aitheon to deliver automated robotic material and storage solutions to clients.

SAP: A meeting with top executives of the largest business software solutions provider was held to explore a partnership with data sharing.

Decibel.LIVE: Aitheon is in talks with the Dutch company to integrate their IoT solutions with theirs. Decibel.LIVE is an IoT company that collects noise levels all over the Netherlands and allows affected parties to be compensated.

Next Future Transport: The California based autonomous vehicle transport service is also in talks to integrate remote driving abilities in their systems.

Aitheon’s Token Generation Event

Powering the financial aspect of the platform is their native ERC20 compatible token, the AIC. With 250,000,000 number of tokens available for investors, the event starts on 20th April 2018, carrying a 30% discount that will steadily decrease over time. Similarly, the token will be available for 1 AIC = 0.25 USD and the price will increase as the discount falls. Unsold tokens will be returned to a mining pool for use within the platform for future developments.

For more information on the Aitheon platform, visit their website:

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