Who Wants Your Data and Why?

Aug 04, 2018 at 10:07 // News
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With YDS you have complete control of your data profile, meaning you can increase the value of your rewards by adding more data, and if you wish to take a break, you can turn off your profile.

Do you know that your data is harvested, continuously by big data companies? So what, you say; what if we told you that the data market for the EU is set to hit €1 trillion by 2020, and data companies are making billions from it, without you getting anything for your information, could this make you think differently?

A generation of people have grown up in a world where they continually broadcast their lives on social media. We are now living in an age where all Instagram users want to be influencers, to show how popular they are, and make them the envy of everyone else. They share their intimate details of their life on Facebook, and their deepest thought on Twitter, in an effort to ‘get paid’. In this new world the term privacy is starting to take on a new meaning, and people are shocked when there is a data breach, and no one seems to have the solution yet. 

More and more apps are flooding onto the app stores asking for users to share location data, and personal details. Messaging apps have the ability to scan personal communications, and access to our friend’s details. All of this is designed to help the big data companies make billions each year, by targeting you with ads, designed to look personal for you. We now pay hundreds of pounds for devices to listen into our conversations and relay certain information back to target us further. We freely give locations, photos, calendars, purchases, and more to companies like Google and Facebook which they use to model our entire lives. 

Big data companies use the Electoral register, land registry and census data to build data sets about us. For example, Acxiom lists HM Land Registry and the Office of National Statistics as data sources and Experian have census as well as the phone book as sources. To track you online they use cookies, web beacons and embedded code to collect data about who you are and where you visit. Every time a user lands on certain websites they can identify them, and then the browsing history is recorded. Have you ever wondered why when you looked at that top online, it miraculous follows you on every subsequent webpage you visit, it’s down to this type of tracking.   

Studies have shown that around 40% of all emails sent globally are tracked daily. Companies use pixels embedded in the body of the email that are almost invisible to us. These pixels are used to tell the companies that the email was opened, which location and on what type of device, and then feed the information back to these data companies. 

Apps and 3rd party trackers are used to target specific adverts directly to you, location tracking and behavioural analytics. 3 out of 4 Android apps contain at least one 3rd party tracker. 

Platform registrations are another way these companies get your information from you. You think about the information that is on a sign-up form. This source is now becoming less useful as the new GDPR means that you now have to ‘opt in’ to allow for your information to be passed on. 

So, all of this data is collected, but who wants it and how is it used? The main beneficiaries of this hidden eco system of data are; advertisers, social media sites, credit agencies, insurance companies, law enforcement, and other data companies. These companies use this information for one real reason to increase their profits, yet you the data owner sees no rewards, and to me this isn’t fair?

Your Data Safe (YDS) is a breath of fresh air. We are giving the power back to you, the rightful owner of your data. By creating an account on our platform, you can choose which companies and brands market to you, so you only receive information that you find useful about products and services you use. And what’s more; you are rewarded each time your data is used. We will never use your data top model information about you for brands, which is a huge change for the existing data houses. 

With YDS you have complete control of your data profile, meaning you can increase the value of your rewards by adding more data, and if you wish to take a break, you can turn off your profile. 

Our handy app, will keep you logged into your profile, meaning you can always keep track of your rewards and values, and cash them in if needed, anywhere and at any time. 

Your Data Safe is the future way to monetise your data. 

Your Data Safe (YDST) is currently in Private Sale. With it going to public sale on the 1st October. 

For full details and to read the whitepaper please visit: www.YourDataSafe.io

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