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Dec 30, 2017 at 15:20 // PR
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Token pre-sale will start in January 2018

Prague, Czech Republic, December 27, 2017: Today StopTheFakes Ltd (StopTheFakes), the first copyright protection and anti-counteract blockchain-based project in the world announces that token pre-sale is coming soon. Pre-ICO starts on January 21, 2018 (09:00 AM EST Time) and will end on February 21, 2018 (09:00 AM EST Time). 1 305 000 STFcoin tokens will be on sale at the exchange rate of 1 ETH = 520 STFcoins. You'll be able to make a purchase at, the company's official site. We'll set up several special offers during Pre-ICO.

StopTheFakes has developed a system that would allow right holders to engage millions of volunteers from all over the globe to join IPR infringement hunt both offline and online. The cooperation between the participants will be mediated by smart contracts. To run settlements more smoothly we've created our own STFcoin token that would be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. The project's primary goal is to counteract counterfeit market and computer piracy. Ноwever, the system's potential extends far more beyound: you can use it to control operation of branch offices, track down criminal offences and conduct marketing or other types of research.

The Doers use mobile app and browser extension for their work. Requestors provide a short description of the object of search and the system will provide a list of Doers' profiles based on their location, level of skills, previous work experience and other parameters. The search results are recorded in the form of pictures, videos or screenshots. The app records the data on location, date and time of the Alert submission and a Doer can add a comment. The Alerts' authentication codes are encrypted in Blockchain, we use InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to store the collected data.

We've created an automated violation elimination system for the service's primary group of potential customers, that is, IPR holders. It creates complaints, petitions and letters which are sent upon the right holder's consent to offenders, associations and other оrganizations addressing violations.

The key advantages of StopTheFakes system are its global reach, short response time and low detection cost. In a matter of seconds a Requestor can launch a global search while employing tens of times less financial and managerial resources than when taking traditional anti-counteract measures. Not only does this help minimize the expenditures but it increases profits by as much as 30% due to shutting down the offenders' businesses selling сheap fakes.

The most highly regarded Russian economists and sociologists have expressed interest in our project. Academician Mikhail Gorshkov and a full member of Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Nekipelov have agreed to consult our team.

The service is known as the first Blockchain-based project to be covered on Public Television of Russia, the country's No. 1 federal channel that aired an episode of "Prav?Dа!" popular show dedicated to StopTheFakes.

"The global counterfeit market is $461 billion in the hands of criminals, − states Mikhail Krzhanovsky, CEO and co-founder of StopTheFakes, − this money is spent on organized crime, terrorism, human and drug trafficking. Our system will make it possible to push back against the criminals. It will allow right holders to cut IPR protection-associated costs and increase legal profit".

StopTheFakes Ltd: The first project ever to protect IPR with Blockchain technology. It's a decentralized service that enables right holders to involve Internet users and customers in detecting cases of piracy on the web and counterfeit sales in the real world and to remunerate them for this job. The project was founded by Mikhail Krzhanovsky and Igor Salikov in Prague, Czech Republic, in June 2016.

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