PRIVATIX sets Higher Security Web-Traffic by Developing the Internet Broadband Marketplace Using P2P, Announces Details of ICO

Oct 31, 2017 at 16:45 // News

As a result of growing censorship resulting from the big-data culture that is present nowadays, consumers are seeking alternative methods to protect their data and activity online.

Government censorship, coupled with a multitude of new customers who come from highly censored countries, has lead to a number of high-profile cases in recent times, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange of Wikileaks, to name a couple. To this effect, Privatix introduce API with blockchain technology in the VPN environment, aimed at improving the obfuscation of data trails and improving the security of its’ users worldwide.

The Internet Broadband marketplace deal between peers as part of Privatix’s proposal dictates that users can buy bandwidth to increase connection speed or sell idle bandwidth as an exit agent and get paid in PRIX. Privatix already supply more than 800,000 clients with 50,000 users connected to their VPN access daily. They represent a well established position in the market, having had the chance to solidify modes of operation and a pre-existing customer base. 

Privatix is powered by a P2P VPN Network on the Blockchain, with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). The release of Privatix.Agent - a cross-platform application to exchange internet channels in an open-source format, will make community feedback processing easy within the network. Privatix.Agent is one of the core functions of the Privatix network, as it allows reroute traffic and sells bandwidth to supply the network. API versions will be available to Windows, Ubuntu, Android, MacOS, and iOS. Developers can rest assured as well as users, who can travel save with the concept behind Privatix. Freedom as a service, built with powerful SDKs to achieve VPN connection to any blocked country with anonymous peer to peer traffic, will vastly improve the privacy and security of users’ data.

Dima Rusakov CEO and co Founder at Privatix said:

“I believe there will be many successful collaborations in this area, and many possibilities will be available to developers – just taking separate projects and integrating them into one killer product that will monetize all idle resources in one easy-to-use application.”

Privatix Token Sale

To fund the ongoing development of their project, Privatix have announced a token sale, with 8,000,000 PRIX on sale. This follows the success of the pre-sale, where 3,350ETH was raised. The token sale will run until 16th November, or until the total supply of PRIX tokens is exhausted. Following the token sale, no new coins will be mined, and all left-over tokens will be burned to preserve the value of the token. Bonuses of up to 40% are available for early-birds in the sale.

The idle capacity of bandwidth, storage and computing capacity from regular internet users is plenty right now in the mainstream computing environment. Likewise, this growth in users already represents a figure of 3.4 billion users, in other words, 46% of the world’s population. There are expected to be damages in excess of $6bn from cybersecurity incidents in 2021. More solutions that are accessible is the goal that companies current developing idle resources into easy-to-use applications have been keen to work toward.

About Privatix

Privatix is an established and profitable company that was founded by a group of experienced IT entrepreneurs and talented developers who are passionate about the freedom of the internet, online security, and the rights of individuals and businesses to privacy protection. The Team has more than 10 years with cyber security experience, VPN services can be used by anyone, anywhere regardless of their level of technical experience.

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