A New ICO Aimed at Solving Investors’ Problems is Here

Nov 29, 2017 at 13:30 // News
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Hi, we’re Scrinium. We were supposed to say “Scrinium is a decentralised blockchain-based portfolio investment platform that operates using smart contracts”. Quite an introduction, huh?

If you’re reading this website daily, you’ve probably seen articles like this before. And while we have no doubt you’re perfectly aware of the technical and groundbreaking features of the blockchain and smart contracts, we’d like to draw your attention to what exactly Scrinium can do for you. Not to mention how we’re going to make this happen.

Drawing on over 12 years’ experience in finance, our founders have been putting a lot of thought into copy trading, social trading platform development and all the drawbacks that they bring. Inexperienced investors often find it hard to evaluate traders’ performance, and fail at copy trading just like they fail at ordinary trading.

So after pondering on it for the past several years, we finally came up with the solution: we’ll build an AI system that will help investors manage their assets. And blockchain joins the party to make it easier and faster.

How it Works?

There are three major roles that cooperate in the Scrinium system:

Investors: choose the level of profit they want to receive, and a potential risk level they are ready to face. Then our system does all the work.  

Traders: make trades, trying their best to be show excellent performance so our system will put them in one of the numerous investment portfolios. It is not important which system or platform a trader is using - they get rewards for being profitable.

Liquidity providers: give us the liquidity to open and close trades for our investors, receiving huge trading volumes.

Inside Scrinium, an AI system analyses trader performance and compiles traders into a portfolio the investor can use according to a profitability and risk ratio set by each individual investor.

How do We Generate Profit?

Liquidity providers pay us commission for traded volume coming from the Scrinium platform, which is a common setup within financial services. We split this payment into system profit and traders’ rewards for successful trades.

If you’re an investor, there is no fee for creating an account and we don’t deduct anything from profitable transactions.

Why Buy Coins?

Scrincoin or SCR is the operating currency within Scrinium, based on Ethereum technology. The investor has to buy SCR coins in order to use a personalized portfolio that is compiled for them.

We’re launching a pre-ICO on December 11th, and this will be a unique opportunity to buy SCR at the lowest price they’ll ever be. Currently the exchange rate is 1 ETH = 3000 SCR, which makes 1 SCR worth around $0.1. The expected coin rate will equal $100 per unit when the system grows to 30k investors.

We’re very passionate about this change we’re making to the world of investment, as now everyone can be an investor without putting a lot of effort into it. You can support us by joining the pre-ICO that starts on December 11th.

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