Tomorrow’s Way Of Recognizing And Rewarding Knowledge

Nov 19, 2017 at 10:22 // News

Knowledge solutions firm has confirmed an ICO pre-sale event on 15 January 2018 to kickstart the development of the world’s first blockchain-based platform that will measure and verify its users’ value of knowledge.

Aiming to revolutionize the recognition and rewarding of knowledge, the Knowledge platform will power decentralized knowledge sharing networks, catalyzing exchange between knowledge sharers and rewarding interactions. believes that a decentralized knowledge sharing ecosystem will promote knowledge flows between advertisers, partners and users for the mutual benefit of the entire community. This interaction will be promoted through an incentivized model, facilitated by the Knowledge tokens, based on the Ethereum protocol. 

The Knowledge Score for a true measure of knowledge 

The Knowledge platform will introduce a groundbreaking concept for the validation of knowledge and expertise by peers. At the same time, it connects experts with advertisers, who will transact with Knowledge tokens, either as rewards for providing knowledge or as payment for products and services within the ecosystem. 

Each action and transaction is validated through gamified learning and verification of expertise. 

The Knowledge Score technology will be a measure of actual levels of knowledge of users in particular interest areas. With each topic spectrum having a base of over 10 million questions, aided by data partnerships with proprietary big data sets, is capable of generating an incredible amount of topic-based questions and answers. 

A future application of the Knowledge Score will also be its usefulness in verifying and validating knowledge externally. A user can accumulate Knowledge tokens and a Knowledge Score over a lifetime, possibly using it as proof of their value of knowledge in employment and further education. 

The ICO and the Knowledge Token 

To support its mission of combining blockchain innovation with knowledge sharing, is planning to launch a series of crowdsale events, beginning with a pre-sale on 15 January, 2018, about two months from now. 

Out of a total supply of 250 million Knowledge Tokens, 10% (25 million) will be made available during the pre-sale, while a further 20% (50 million) will be put up for sale during the main public ICO to be announced at a later date. 

The Knowledge Tokens are the currency native to the Knowledge platform, facilitating the incentivized model of participation whereby they are given out as rewards for a number of interactions: 

- rewarding data pools for contributing knowledge;
- proportional rewarding the sharing or generation of knowledge; 

Tokens are not mined by cryptographic hashing as with most conventional cryptocurrencies, but by solving questions from which Knowledge Scores can be developed over time. 

Once listed on external exchanges, tokens can also be traded freely on the open market, opening up an additional stream of revenue. 

About began its journey rooted in the idea that knowledge should be recognized, rewarded and ultimately, celebrated. It sees the value of knowledge not merely in the individual who possesses it but also to all aspects of society that interact with that knowledge and benefit from it. 

It envisions a platform that seamlessly integrates all knowledge participants, from employers and educators to knowledge sharers and advocates, facilitating their exchange and value of knowledge through voluntary or gamified interaction. intends to be the standard of measurement for the value of knowledge, pursuing an incentivized model that will assist with the distribution and development of knowledge. Ultimately, this diffusion of knowledge will bring about improvements to a diverse range of economic, educational and social sectors. 

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